Jan 022019

For this new English edition, the highly popular UltrasoundDiagnosis of Digestive Diseases has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the enormous progress seen recently in the field of ultrasonography, especially endoscopic ultrasonography and pulsed and color Doppler ultrasonography After an extensive technical introduction the book covers the sonoanatomy and ultrasonic symptomatology of the diseases of the digestive system and the abdominal vessels. New chapters deal with portal hypertension, the intestine, including appendicitis, endoscopic ultrasonography of carcinomas and abdominal abnormalities arising from AIDS. Anatomical data and descriptions of elementary symptoms will enable the beginner to become familiar with the more specialized features of the subject and will also help the more experienced clinician to consolidate his knowledge of ultrasound in daily practice. This book will be a standard text for practitioners in the fields of radiology, ultrasonography, gastroenterology, and internal medicine.
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