Nov 042020

The Role of Surface Modification on Bacterial Adhesion of Bio-implant Materials: Machining, Characterization, and Applications, explores the relationship between the surface roughness of artificial implants used for hard tissue replacement and their bacterial adhesion. It summarizes the reason for the failure of implants, the mechanisms of bacterial formation on implant surfaces, and the fundamental and established methods of implant surface modification techniques. It provides readers with an organized and rational representation about implant manufacturing and mechanical surface modification. It also explores the use of developed unidirectional abrasive flow finishing processes to finish biomaterials at the nano-level. It is an invaluable guide for academics, graduate students, biomaterial scientists, and manufacturing engineers researching implants, related infections, and implant manufacturing.

Key Features:

Explores implant related infections
Discusses surface modification techniques
Contains information on the mechanical finishing processes and complete guide on developed cutting edge unidirectional abrasive flow finishing technology


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