Oct 112021

The Renal System: An Illustrated Guide is a textbook that will appeal to healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with kidney disease. Drawing on small group teaching sessions from a renowned academic medical center, the author helps clinicians and other healthcare providers expand their knowledge base of the renal system.This unique guide covers the core principles through the generous use of illustrations and focused bullet points. Each page covers a single building block or disease so that the reader can easily digest the concepts as morsels–a satisfying bite rather than an overwhelming data dump.The text is divided into five sections: 1) The Building Blocks or ABCs. 2) The Diseases. 3) Renal Medicine as an Art. 4) Self-Reflection (Questions and Answers). 5) The Core References. In an era dominated by “Dr. Google and WikiMedicine,” this guide distills the vast quantity of medical data that permeates the internet into a single, consumable resource.





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