Oct 282015

THE HUMAN EMBRYOThis book traces the early history and provides knowledge on demonstration of principles from ancient to the most recent embryo studies amidst the unresolved scientific and ethical issues.



Part 1 Introduction

1 Introduction – Developmental Overview of the Human Embryo

2 Presenting Human Embryology in an International Open-Access Reference Centre (HERC)

Part 2 Implantation

3 Optimal Environment for the Implantation of Human Embryo

4 Immune Regulation of Human Embryo Implantation by Circulating Blood Cells

5 The Future of Human Embryo Culture Media – Or Have We Reached the Ceiling?

6 Benzo[a]pyrene and Human Embryo

Part 3 Organogenesis and Genetics

7 Developmental Anatomy of the Human Embryo – 3D-lmaging and Analytical Techniques

8 Cardiovascular Development in the First Trimester

9 Development. Differentiation and Derivatives of the Wolffian and Mullerian Ducts

10 Cytogenetic Analysis of Spontaneous Miscarriage



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