Mar 272021

Perfect for:

  • Bachelor of Nursing students
  • Diploma of Nursing students

An essential resource to prepare nursing students for their clinical placements and gain the most from their experiences.

With a focus on expectations and how to think, act, feel and communicate within complex clinical environments, Clinical Placement: An essential guide for nursing students, 3rd Edition provides tips for maximising learning opportunities and practical strategies for dealing with difficult and challenging situations.

Evolve Resources: The Clinical Placement, 3rd Edition is supported by an engaging series of video interviews with nurses from a diverse range of clinical practice areas. Each nurse shares insights, advice, highlights challenges and opportunities, and assists with tips for clinical placement.

  • Evolve resources include:   o 12 video interviews with nurses from a range of clinical practice areas   o ‘Need to know’ quick tips   o ‘Challenges you may encounter’
  • Other key features within the chapters include: Something to Think About, Student Experience case studies and Coaching Tips.
  • Greater emphasis on cultural sensitivity, simulation as preparation for practice, patient safety, inter-professional communication and professional portfolio development
  • Coaching Tips – advice on common issues
  • Something to Think About – encourages students to relate theory to their own practice.


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