Aug 102017

The Care and Management of Spinal Cord Injuries

By (author): G. M. Bedbrook

Spinal paralysis is probably the most devastat­ the President of the International Medical So­ ing of all the illnesses that can befall man. Only ciety of Paraplegia. He has made many signifi­ a few years ago, 80% of spinal victims were cant contributions, both in the initial treatment dead within three years due to the complica­ and in the later rehabilitation of spinal cord tions that frequently accompany the condition. victims. He is a man who truly cares about peo­ Today, the situation is quite diH’erent and 80% ple. He is superbly organized, meticulous in his of spinal victims have a relatively normal life planning, and energetic in his execution of expectancy. The author of this book was one of goals. He demands and receives perfection the first to realize that if a paraplegic patient is from his staff. As a result, his Spinal Unit in carefully looked after in the early stages of his Perth, Australia is one of the best treatment illness and if all of the potential complications and rehabilitation centers in the world. His are prevented, that individual can eventually knowledge, from both the scientific and prac­ recover sufficient function to live a productive tical viewpoints, is truly staggering-a fact that and independent life. This basic concept un­ is quite obvious from the details contained in derlies the modern approach to the treatment this book. of spinal injuries.
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