Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology

The book focuses on the “Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology”. The book “Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology” has the intention of sharing with the Indian dermatologists, and with the entire world, a text which gathers the knowledge acquired and improved through time, and the successful ways of solving special situations. The book “Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology” has 38 chapters, with more than three hundred pages, that cover all aspects of laser treatment, starting with the basic aspects, and continuing with the different kinds of lasers and how they are adapted to dark skins. It is written by about sixty authors, all of them great experts in the laser world in a light and entertaining fashion, demonstrating the authors’ experiences with different aspects of this branch of dermatology. It provides us with a thorough review of this form of therapeutics. With very good and explicit illustrations, diagrams, and appropriate tables, they offer an extremely useful volume that will surely become a reference text. The high quality and academic authority of the authors are unquestionable, facts that back up their work.



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