May 162021

Textbook of Critical Care is an extensive two volume guide to all aspects of critical care. The first volume covers systems of the human body in individual sections; the second volume continues to cover other vital topics for those working in an intensive care unit. The two volumes are subdivided into fourteen sections, with 112 chapters in total. The book begins with general principles, before covering cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and gastrointestinal systems, as well as neurology and endocrinology. The post-surgical critical care section includes a range of surgeries, and organ transplants. Further topics include obstetric critical care, haematology, rheumatology, oncology and trauma, with detailed advice on the design of, and research in the ICU. With over 100 international contributors ensuring authoritative content throughout, and full colour illustrations across 1500 pages, Textbook of Critical Care is a valuable resource for residents, intensivists, and emergency medicine doctors. Key Points Extensive two volume guide to all aspects of critical care Covers different systems of the human body in detail in separate sections Full colour illustrations across 1500 pages Over 100 international contributors



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