Mar 262017

Case-Based Lessons in the Management of Complex Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

This text provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art definitive “case-based” reference for the work-up, diagnosis, intraoperative management, and peri-operative care of patients with complex, difficult to manage HPB diseases. The book provides a practical, clinically useful guide that reviews select complicated HPB cases, as well as providing key information on how to manage such patients. This text provides detailed “case-based” algorithms, as well as specific guidance on the management of complicated HPB patients. In addition, it also focuses on key points on how to work-up patients pre-operatively, highlights intra-operative technical “pearls”, and defines optimal post-operative care. Chapters are rich with images, have multiple “call out” boxes to highlight key lessons learned and also include clinical management “pearls.”  All chapters are written by experts in their field and include the most up-to-date clinical information from national and world leaders in their respective discipline.
Case-Based Lessons in the Management of Complex Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery will serve as a very useful resource for physicians, fellows and residents dealing with complex HPB patients. In addition, It will provide a concise yet comprehensive summary of the diagnosis, work-up, and management of some of the most complex, yet common, HPB cases.
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Mar 252017

The Origins of Organ Transplantation: Surgery and Laboratory Science, 1880-1930 (Rochester Studies in Medical History)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Thomas Schlich

This book investigates a crucial-but forgotten-episode in the history of medicine. In it, Thomas Schlich systematically documents and analyzes the earliest clinical and experimental organ transplant surgeries. In so doing he lays open the historical origins of modern transplantation, offering a new and original analysis of its conceptual basis within a broader historical context. This first comprehensive account of the birth of modern transplant medicine examines how doctors and scientists between 1880 and 1930 developed the technology and rationale for performing surgical organ replacement within the epistemological and social context of experimental university medicine. The clinical application of organ replacement, however, met with formidable obstacles even as the procedure became more widely recognized. Schlich highlights various attempts to overcome these obstacles, including immunological explanations and new technologies of immune suppression, and documents the changes in surgical technique and research standards that led to the temporary abandonment of organ transplantation by the 1930s. Thomas Schlich is professor and Canada Research Chair in the History of Medicine at McGill University.
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Mar 252017

Complications During and After Cataract Surgery: A Guide to Surgical Management

By (author): Ulrich Spandau, Gabor Scharioth

Every cataract surgeon is afraid of complications, but while complications cannot be entirely avoided, it is possible to learn to master them. This practical handbook clearly explains how to manage the various complications that may arise during cataract surgery, from a subluxated intraocular lens to a dropped nucleus. It provides the surgeon with clear instructions on how best to proceed in the manner of a cookbook, by first describing the ingredients (equipment) and preparation (planning) and then providing step by step descriptions of technique with the aid of numerous helpful color illustrations and several accompanying surgical videos. Surgical pearls and tips and tricks are highlighted. Using this book, the reader will become a better and more complete cataract surgeon, well equipped to cope with the full range of potential complications.
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Mar 252017

The Transcervical Approach in Thoracic Surgery

Use of the transcervical approach in thoracic surgery has advanced significantly during the past 60 years, owing primarily to advances in technology. Nevertheless, the possibilities of this approach have never been compiled in a systematic way. This book aims to rectify the situation by describing, in a structured way, all the thoracic procedures that can be performed using the transcervical approach. Indications and contraindications, surgical techniques, complications, and results are all covered, based on the authors’ experience and published reports. The contents encompass diverse surgical endoscopic procedures for diagnosis and staging, use of the transcervical approach for surgery to the thymus and mediastinum, lungs and bronchi, trachea and esophagus and miscellaneous items including the role of robotic surgery.
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Mar 242017

Operative Microsurgery

By (author): J. Brian Boyd, Neil Jones


A  Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

More than 2,000 full-color photographs and illustrations!

Operative Microsurgery is a practical, full-color procedural guide that focuses on microsurgery of the upper and lower limbs, nerves and brachial plexus, head and neck, and breast and trunk. This groundbreaking textfeatures chapters written by plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons from 17 countries, in addition to the United States and Canada. Enriched by an extensive collection of full-color atlas-style photographs and illustrations demonstrating dozens of procedures, Operative Microsurgery is divided into 86 chapters, most of which describe a specific operative technique and include all the expert guidance necessary to successfully perform the procedure.


  • Tap into the collective wisdom of some of the brightest, most respected minds in microsurgery
  • Acquire a hands-on working knowledge of key microsurgery procedures that span the entire human body
  • Learn with the help of an outstanding collection of full-color photographs and illustrations
  • Confidently perform difficult or unusual procedures
  • Refer to convenient procedure-specific chapters written by pioneers in the field
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Mar 242017

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections (Atlas Series)

Features: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
By (author): Gerard Malanga, Kenneth Mautner

Clear, concise description of more than 100 US-guided injections in musculoskeletal medicine.

A Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections includes numerous tips and tricks from the field’s most experienced and respected practitioners. This unique and state-of–the-art text is ideal for physiatrists, rheumatologists, sports medicine physicians, radiologists, pain medicine specialists, and orthopedic surgeons. With a focus on safety and efficacy, this atlas is a worthwhile investment for any practitioner looking to add ultrasound-guided procedures to their practice or is looking to sharpen their skills. The book opens with informative coverage of the fundamentals of MSK US, including ultrasound physics, preparation and set-up for MSK US procedures, and the rationale and evidence for performing these procedures. The main body of the book dedicates one chapter to a specific US-guided injection or procedure. Each chapter design includes sections on key points, pertinent anatomy, common pathology, US imaging, indications, and technique. The book is divided into 8 sections:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hand and wrist
  • Pelvis
  • Knee
  • Foot and ankle
  • Special procedures (rotator cuff, Percutaneous Trigger finger release, Ultrasound-guided Carpal Tunnel release, and Tenex)
  • Introduction

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections includes coverage of the full spectrum of procedures, ranging from basic US guided joint injections to perinerual injections, tenotomies, and surgical procedures such as percutaneous A1 pulley release, making the book the field’s first true cornerstone text and the “go to” resource for any clinician interested in the subject.

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Mar 232017

Cutting Edge of Ophthalmic Surgery: From Refractive SMILE to Robotic Vitrectomy

This book presents the most modern and innovative techniques in ocular surgery currently utilized by experts in the field. All aspects of ocular surgery from the front to the back of the eye are covered in this resource, with all surgeries demonstrated as ‘recipes’ with first the ingredients and then the surgical techniques with step-by-step instructions. The surgeries are illustrated with photographs, drawings and videos for practical application, and the step-by-step presentation allows for quick and easy access to the most appropriate techniques in ocular surgery.

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Mar 232017

Managing Complications in Glaucoma Surgery

This well-illustrated book is intended as the go-to guide for the identification and management of the complications associated with specific glaucoma procedures. All of the routinely performed procedures are covered: filtration surgery, including trabeculectomy and ExPRESS shunt, nonpenetrating surgeries such as deep sclerectomy and canaloplasty, procedures involving the placement of tube shunt devices, glaucoma laser treatments, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS). The book is succinct but sufficiently detailed to provide the reader with a very well informed description of possible complications and the best way to manage them, based on the evidence from recent and seminal research. The authors are recognized experts who come from a wide geographic and varied glaucoma background. The book will be ideal for all surgeons, whether new or experienced, who seek easily accessible, reliable guidance on how to manage the intraoperative and early and late postoperative complications that may arise when performing glaucoma surgery.
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Mar 222017

GI Surgery Annual: Volume 22

The twenty-second volume of GI Surgery Annual covers a gamut of topics from oesophageal adenocarcinoma, to motility disorders of the colon and rectum, mesenteric tumours as well as the contemporary technique of ALPPS, acute portal vein thrombosis and small for size syndrome in live donor liver transplant.

The chapter on advances in gastrointestinal surgery as every year reviews the important new information in the field in an easy to understand manner.

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Mar 212017

Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction

Microvascular surgery, and specifically breast reconstruction, has come a long way. It is taught and practiced in plastic surgery residencies, making this an appropriate book for residents. More senior surgeons also will benefit from the systematic methods the authors use during the various procedures outlined in this book. — Doody’s Review (starred review)

Patient demand for perforator flap procedures is quickly growing due to positive results: they leave women with natural, normal-feeling breasts without destroying any muscle. Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction gives plastic surgeons the detailed instructions they need to perform these sophisticated breast reconstruction procedures.

Key Features:

  • Written by expert surgeons who have perfected the use of perforator flaps in breast reconstruction procedures
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform DIEP, SIEA, SHaEP, PAP, GAP, LAP, and TDAP flap procedures
  • Radiographic images, intraoperative photos, and carefully prepared illustrations walk the reader through each procedure

Many of the contributors to Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction have pioneered the procedures presented in their respective chapters. This book is an essential authoritative guide for plastic surgeons interested in making perforator flap reconstruction part of their practice.

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