Mar 282017

Psychosomatic Disorders: Theoretical And Clinical Aspects (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles into Practice Series)

By (author): Ghazi Asaad

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Mar 272017


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Mar 262017

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Relationships (The New Harbinger Made Simple Series)

By (author): Gareth Holman PhD, Jonathan Kanter PhD, Mavis Tsai PhD, Robert Kohlenberg PhD

Cowritten with the founders of functional analytic psychotherapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Made Simple offers a practical, behavioral treatment approach focused on client interpersonal relationships and the therapeutic relationship.
Functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP) is a research-based treatment for mental health disorders and has been shown to enhance the quality of interpersonal relationships. If you’re a therapist, how you relate to your clients can have a profound impact on treatment outcomes. This book integrates the latest research on the importance of the therapist-client relationship with the new science of social connection into a user-friendly, flexible clinical framework.
In this book, you’ll find an introduction to the conceptual foundations and clinical practice of FAP, with an emphasis on practical clinical scenarios and personal reflection. You’ll learn the theoretical basis of FAP in contextual behavioral science and how to apply functional analysis—the core assessment method of behavior therapy—to the therapeutic relationship. You’ll learn to understand the therapeutic relationship and social connection in terms of the Awareness, Courage, and Love model. You’ll also learn how to balance authenticity and compassion with strategy and case conceptualization to make your therapeutic relationships more compassionate, flexible, and effective. And finally, you’ll discover how to apply principles to effectively cope with challenging moments in the therapeutic relationships—such as how to address ineffective behavior happening in the therapy interaction from the first moment of therapy, what to do when therapy does not seem to be progressing, and how to end therapy well. 
No matter your treatment background, this book will provide invaluable strategies for adopting functional analytic psychotherapy in your practice, enhancing relationships with your clients, and improving overall treatment outcomes.
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Mar 252017

Integrated Modular Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder: A Practical Guide to Combining Effective Treatment Methods

By (author): W. John Livesley

This clinical guide describes a different way to treat borderline personality disorder. Rather than using the currently available therapies, the author presents a trans-theoretical approach that combines the essential elements of all effective treatments. The book offers a framework for understanding the nature and origins of borderline personality disorder that is used to define treatment targets and strategies. Building on this foundation, systems for organizing treatment are presented around change mechanisms common to all effective therapies. Interventions are presented in modules, allowing therapists to select treatment according to the needs of patients. Treatment is explained by dividing therapy into phases, each addressing different problems. Methods are described to promote engagement, manage suicidality, treat crises, improve emotional regulation, restructure maladaptive interpersonal behaviours, construct a new sense of self and identity, and build a life worth living. The volume will interest mental health professionals from all disciplines and different levels of expertise.
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Mar 252017

Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific: Historical and Cultural Perspectives (International and Cultural Psychology)

This far-reaching volume analyzes the social, cultural, political, and economic factors contributing to mental health issues and shaping treatment options in the Asian and Pacific world. Multiple lenses examine complex experiences and needs in this vast region, identifying not only cultural issues at the individual and collective levels, but also the impacts of colonial history, effects of war and disasters, and the current climate of globalization on mental illness and its care. These concerns are located in the larger context of physical health and its determinants, worldwide goals such as reducing global poverty, and the evolving mental health response to meet rising challenges affecting the diverse populations of the region. Chapters focus on countries in East, Southeast, and South Asia plus Oceania and Australia, describing:

·         National history of psychiatry and its acceptance.

·         Present-day mental health practice and services.

·         Mental/physical health impact of recent social change.

·         Disparities in accessibility, service delivery, and quality of care.

·         Collaborations with indigenous and community approaches to healing.

·         Current mental health resources, the state of policy, and areas for intervention.


A welcome addition to the global health literature, Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific brings historical depth and present-day insight to practitioners providing services in this diverse area of the world as well as researchers and policymakers studying the region.

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Mar 252017

Neurotherapy and Neurofeedback: Brain-Based Treatment for Psychological and Behavioral Problems

Features: Routledge
By (author): Theodore J. Chapin, Lori A. Russell-Chapin

The fields of neurobiology and neuropsychology are growing rapidly, and neuroscientists now understand that the human brain has the capability to adapt and develop new living neurons by engaging new tasks and challenges throughout our lives, essentially allowing the brain to rewire itself. In Neurotherapy and Neurofeedback, accomplished clinicians and scholars Lori Russell-Chapin and Ted Chapin illustrate the importance of these advances and introduce counselors to the growing body of research demonstrating that the brain can be taught to self-regulate and become more efficient through neurofeedback (NF), a type of biofeedback for the brain. Students and clinicians will come away from this book with a strong sense of how brain dysregulation occurs and what kinds of interventions clinicians can use when counseling and medication prove insufficient for treating behavioral and psychological symptoms.

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Mar 222017

Psychiatric Diagnosis Revisited: From DSM to Clinical Case Formulation

By (author): Stijn Vanheule

This book explores the purpose of clinical psychological and psychiatric diagnosis, and provides a persuasive case for moving away from the traditional practice of psychiatric classification. It discusses the validity and reliability of classification-based approaches to clinical diagnosis, and frames them in their broader historical and societal context. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is used across the world in research and a range of mental health settings; here, Stijn Vanheule argues that the diagnostic reliability of the DSM is overrated, built on a limited biomedical approach to mental disorders that neglects context, and ultimately breeds stigma. The book subsequently makes a passionate plea for a more detailed approach to the study of mental suffering by means of case formulation. Starting from literature on qualitative research the author makes clear how  to guarantee the quality of clinical case formulations. 

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Mar 222017

Clinical Neuropsychology: A Pocket Handbook for Assessment

By (author): Michael W. Parsons and Thomas E. Hammeke

This bestselling, pocket-sized assessment guide has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in clinical neuropsychology. Designed specifically to meet the needs of neuropsychologists in the early stages of their training, the third edition leads users through the complicated process of assessing, diagnosing, and treating an enormous range of neurologic, neuropsychological, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders and syndromes. New chapters address cultural neuropsychology, somatic disorders, and the relationship between drug abuse and impulse control disorders. Throughout, relevant diagnostic information has been updated to reflect the newest DSM-5 criteria.
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Mar 222017

Psychiatric Hegemony: A Marxist Theory of Mental Illness

By (author): Bruce M. Z. Cohen

This book offers a comprehensive Marxist critique of the business of mental health, demonstrating how the prerogatives of neoliberal capitalism for productive, self-governing citizens have allowed the discourse on mental illness to expand beyond the psychiatric institution into many previously untouched areas of public and private life including the home, school and the workplace. Through historical and contemporary analysis of psy-professional knowledge-claims and practices, Bruce Cohen shows how the extension of psychiatric authority can only be fully comprehended through the systematic theorising of power relations within capitalist society. From schizophrenia and hysteria to Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, from spinning chairs and lobotomies to shock treatment and antidepressants, from the incarceration of working class women in the nineteenth century to the torture of prisoners of the ‘war on terror’ in the twenty-first, Psychiatric Hegemony is an uncompromising account of mental health ideology in neoliberal society.
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Mar 202017

Risk, Communication & Health Psychology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Dianne Berry

“…this text…will become a reference for years to come.”
Health Expectations

This is the first book to clearly assess the increasingly important area of communication of risk in the health sector. We are moving away from the days when paternalistic doctors managed healthcare without involving patients in decision making. With the current emphasis on patient empowerment and shared decision making, patients want and need reliable, comprehensive and understandable information about their conditions and treatment. In order to make informed decisions, the people concerned must understand the risks and benefits associated with possible treatments. But the challenge for health professionals is how best to communicate this complex medical information to diverse audiences.

The book examines:

  • Risk: defining and explaining how the term is used by different disciplines, how its meanings have changed over time and how the general public understand it
  • Health communication and the effects on health behaviours
  • Effective risk communication to individuals and the wider public
  • Effectiveness of patient information leaflets, and strategies for improving oral and written health communications
  • The cognitive and emotional issues at stake for patients in understanding risk and health information
  • The use of new technologies in risk and health communication
  • Ethical issues, and the future of risk communication

Using examples from disciplines including psychology, sociology, health, medicine, pharmacy, statistics and business and management, this book is key reading for students who need to understand the effect of risk in health psychology as well as for health professionals interested in doctor-patient communication, informed consent and patient welfare.

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