Dec 282016

You CAN Teach Med-Surg Nursing!: The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical Instructor

By (author): Mary Miller RN MSN CCRN, Deborah Wirwicz BSN MSN.Ed

“This guide and resource will give you all the direction and resources you need to perform in the role of a medical-surgical clinical instructor?ñInstructors will discover this book takes the work out of working in the clinical area.”

This is the first comprehensive resource for clinical medical-surgical nursing instructors responsible for guiding students through their entire clinical rotation. Filling a huge gap in resources for instructors required to teach this course, it contains everything the new or adjunct instructor needs to teach expertly and confidently. The guide describes the role of medical-surgical instructor and provides an introduction to the clinical site. It features a week-by-week instructional plan for the clinical rotation and includes all materials necessary to effectively perform administrative leadership and supervision, assess students’ knowledge and learning styles, maximize the learning process, simplify evaluation, and help ensure a smooth transition to clinical practice.

Brimming with helpful information, the guide will be a welcome companion to both experienced and novice medical-nursing instructors with its organizational teaching templates, teaching and learning resources, and evaluation materials. These include a course syllabus, comprehensive skills checklist, medication guidelines, resources for patient teaching, pre-and post-conference expectations and activities; even make-up assignments for students who miss a clinical class. Clinical instruction materials such as PowerPoints and simulation scenarios,are provided. Additionally, the book contains quizzes with answers, discussion questions, critical thinking exercises, and interactive student activities.

Key Features:

  • Comprises the first complete resource for successfully guiding students through their clinical rotations from start to finish
  • Helps to allay the “fear factor” for new and adjunct clinical nursing instructors
  • Provides a week-by-week instructional guide that includes organizational teaching templates, teaching and learning resources, and evaluation aids
  • Includes numerous forms and templates to facilitate administrative responsibilities, student assessment, and student evaluation
  • Organizes key clinical information by body system and includes multiple interactive teaching tools
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Dec 252016

NURSING, Second Edition: The Ultimate Study Guide

By (author): Nadia R. Singh BSN RN

The key to success in nursing school is effective studying! Why not have a concise study guide that conveys all the essential, tested material for each course? Tired of buying study guides for each nursing course? This is the ultimate, all-in-one study guide to the core information nursing students need for success in all of their foundational courses. This is a small study guide that packs a big punch. This guide is also a great tool for new nurse graduates. Presented in a well-organized and easy-to-read style, it contains everything a nursing student needs to know from the first nursing course through the last.

The second edition is updated with critical new information about medications, lab values, assessments, emerging disorders, and nursing interventions. It includes three new chapters: “What to Expect in Nursing School,” “Decreasing Test Anxiety,” and “Emergency Nursing.” The guide closely follows the standard nursing curriculum and is designed as a reference for every core nursing course. To facilitate successful exam preparation, the text highlights important material most likely to appear on class exams. Also included are tips on what to expect on the NCLEX-RN?Ü.


  • New and updated information on medications, lab values, emerging conditions, and nursing interventions
  • A new chapter on emergency nursing
  • A new chapter on anxiety-reducing test-taking strategies
  • A new chapter on what to expect in nursing school
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Dec 242016

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

By (author): April Hazard Vallerand PhD RN FAAN, Cynthia A. Sanoski BS PharmD FCCP BCPS


Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses®, Fifteenth Editiondelivers all of the information you need to administer medications safely across the lifespan—well-organized monographs for hundreds of generic and thousands of trade-name drugs.



Redeem the access code inside to unlock your one-year, free subscription to Davis’s Drug Guide Online, powered by Unbound Medicine. It’s accessible from your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device with a web browser

  • 5,000-drug database and appendices
  • Cross-referencing of drugs
  • FDA drug news



  • Red tab for high alert medications, plus in-depth high alert and patient safety coverage
  • Red, capitalized lettersfor life-threatening side effects
  • NEW! REP heading for use of drugs in males and females of reproductive age
  • Drug-drug, drug-food, drug-natural product interactions
  • Pedi, Geri, OB, and Lactation cautions
  • IV administration subheads
  • REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) icon
  • Pharmacogenomic content and icon
  • Canadian-specific content 
  • Much more!


Online at DavisPlus(Redeem the Plus Code on the inside front cover of a new, printed text to access your DavisPlus resources.)

  • Audio library for 1,200+ drug names
  • Three tutorials, each with a self-test
  • Calculators for body mass index (BMI), metric conversions, IV drip rates, dosage/kg, and Fahrenheit/Celsius
  • Interactive case studies, brief, real-life scenarios that are followed by a series of question
  • Med-Deck-style cards
  • Video clips illustrating the safe administration of medications
  • Animations demonstrating the administration and absorption of oral drugs
  • Schematic brain illustrations depicting the impact of certain DSM disorders and the effect of psychotropic medications on patients 


Reviews for Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, 14th Edition:

I’m a BSN student, and this book has been an excellent resource.  When my instructors ask me questions about medications, I know I will be able to answer any questions they have with this book… This was the book my toughest clinical instructor recommended to me, and my classmates who have other drug manuals wish they had this one.”

– Honor F., Nursing Student

As a student nurse, I spend more time with this book than I do with my family. Easy to read, good layout, informative, to the point. It was required by my program and I have found it to be a wonderful resource.”

– Jen S., Nursing Student

I am able to write nursing plans, understand disease process, and proper administration of drugs all because of this one book.

– Kia S.

Simply put, the best drug guide out there.

– Amazon Reviewer

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Dec 182016

The DNP Degree & Capstone Project: A Practical Guide

By (author): Edited by: Mary Bemker, Edited by: Barb Schreiner

Practical guide to understanding the DNP degree and to completing a successful capstone project Clinical, education, and policy exemplars of successful DNP Capstone projects illustrate the necessary components and approach. Provides guidance on publicizing results and conducting projects as a DNP

This textbook focuses on enhancing understanding, and characterizing the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and its place in the current healthcare environment. The book offers guidelines for planning and conducting all phases of a DNP capstone project. Examples of successful projects from varied areas of nursing practice are included along with practical tips for publicizing capstone project results to the wider medical community.

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Dec 182016

Achieving Competencies for Nursing Practice: A Handbook for Student Nurses

By (author): Sheila Reading, Brian Webster

Quality patient care relies on the demonstration of competencies by nurses at all stages of their education and developing career. This textbook is designed to help student nurses better understand the competencies set out by the NMC and equip them to achieve and demonstrate competency as they prepare to qualify as a nurse.
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Dec 182016

Law and Ethics in Advanced Practice Nursing

By (author): Ms. Diane Kjervik JD RN MSN FAAN, Ms. Edith Ann Brous JD RN MS MPH

Designated a Doody’s Core Title!

This is an extremely valuable book for practicing APNs and students in APN programs. The authors demystify legal/ethical/political issues and make them understandable for advanced practice nurses. The authors help to focus APNs on these important and necessary aspects of nursing practice.Score: 100, 5 stars


The book presents an overview of the history and current state of advance practice nursing and the law both nationally and internationally. The authors provide detailed, exemplary legal and ethical case studies that frame pivotal moments in practice.

The book’s key topics include nursing pedagogy related to law, international law and nursing, future roles for APNs that may be legally and ethically supported, and potential challenges to APN practice. The book also discusses current issues that affect nursing law for advance practice, such as autonomy in end of life situations, conflicts between professional duties, and caring needs.

Key Features:

  • Presents the history and current state of the law and advance practice nursing
  • Summarizes and analyzes legal and ethical issues facing APNs
  • Provides guidelines for how to prevent lawsuits
  • Offers guidance on dealing with a lawsuit filed against you
  • Provides international comparisons of legal and ethical considerations
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Dec 172016

Healthcare Finance and Financial Management: Essentials for Advanced Practice Nurses and Interdisciplinary Care Teams

By (author): Mary Paterson

This textbook is intended for students preparing as advanced practice clinicians, including DNPs, DPTs, DOTs, and physician assistants. It is organized in two main parts. The first focuses on macro issues in healthcare finance and policy issues, and the second concentrates on healthcare financing management in professional practice. This approach provides the context necessary for the clinician to understand how to manage reimbursement requirements and preferred provider contracting as health care policy drives these payment and contracting strategies. Each section features a case study to facilitate classroom discussion. This book is suitable for healthcare finance courses in the curriculum for MSN and DNP programs and also for schools of social work, medicine, occupational, and physical therapy.
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Dec 172016

Electronic Health Records for Quality Nursing and Health Care

By (author): Tiffany Kelley

Provides foundational knowledge and understanding of the implementation and use of electronic health records (EHRs) Explains the system design life cycle of an electronic health record implementation Provides methods for evaluating patient and population health outcomes Numerous appendices provide supporting material and examples including a project timeline, workflow process map, and test script examples

This comprehensive reference provides foundational knowledge on electronic health records (EHRs) for the delivery of quality nursing care. Chapters cover descriptions of EHR components and functions, federal regulations within the HITECH Act, privacy and security considerations, interfaces and interoperability, design, building, testing, implementation, maintenance and evaluating outcomes. Key reference for nurse executives, nurse directors, nurse managers, advanced practice nurses, nurse researchers, nurse educators, and nurse informaticists.

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Dec 172016

Physical Health And Well-Being In Mental Health Nursing: Clinical Skills For Practice

By (author): Michael Nash

This groundbreaking book equips mental health nurses with knowledge of physical health issues and clinical insights into best practice.
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Dec 172016

The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing: A Textbook of Principles and Practice

By (author): Ian Norman, Iain Ryrie

This well-established textbook is a must buy for all mental health nursing students. Comprehensive and broad, it explores in detail the many ways in which mental health nursing can have a positive impact on the lives of those with mental health problems.

This book includes pedagogy to help students get the most out of each chapter and apply theory to practice in a rewarding way. Chapters include:

  • Case Studies: Based on real practice in a variety of settings
  • Thinking Space: These will help you reflect on your practice and assess your learning
  • Quotes from service users: These offer the service user perspective throughout the book

New to this edition

This new edition is extensively revised throughout and has been extended from 35 to 42 chapters. With 11 brand new chapters plus 14 chapters re-written by new authors, the book is brimming with updated material and new contributions. The book now covers these additional topics:

  • family work
  • motivational approaches
  • solution focused therapy
  • mental health medication in practice
  • admission and discharge planning
  • working with groups, families and carers
  • working with older service users
  • continuing professional development and advanced practice

Contributors: Anne Aiyegbusi, Ryan Askey-Jones, Sally Askey-Jones, Paul Calaminus, Samantha Coster, Crispin Day, Julie Dilallo, Graham Durcan, Megan Ellis, Ann Gallagher, Lina Gega, Sue Gurney, Cheryl Kipping, Simon Lawton-Smith, Alison I Machin, Tony Machin, Niall McCrae, Sandra Moran, David Morning, Ian Noonan, Ian Norman, Kingsley Norton, Mary O’Toole, Jane Padmore, Caroline Parker, Jean Penny, Rachel Perkins, Karen Pilkington, Hagen Rampes, Julie Repper, Charlotte Roberts, Debbie Robson, Anthony Ross, Iain Ryrie, Jacqueline Sin, Susan Sookoo, Craig Thompson, Simon Westrip, Helen Wilde and Toby Williamson.

Student Reviews:
“This book is a must have for anyone that studies within the mental health care setting. It highlights simple ideas while also giving a realistic and more complex notion of what mental health is. It brings to the forefront some issues that aren’t normally discussed openly within society.”
Nathan Hicks, Mental Health Nursing Student, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

“As a newly qualified mental health practitioner, this book has influenced my approach to clinical practice with a determination to integrate theory and practice. Although, this has proven to be an impossible challenge at some times, adopting this book in the clinical environment will help me demonstrate a good understanding of the principles mental health nursing.”
Jean-Louis Ayivor, Newly qualified Mental Heath Practitioner

“The 2nd edition of this book has been essential throughout all modules of my course and was a useful guide to dip into when my knowledge base was challenged in placement areas. This 3rd edition brings additional and up-to-date information which will see me through to the end of my training and beyond into practice as a qualified nurse.”
Julie Sheen, Mental Health Nursing Student, University of Essex, UK

Other Reviews:
“I am delighted to offer an enthusiastic endorsement for the 3rd edition of this important book. First produced in 2004, significant changes in the delivery of mental health services, our understanding of productive ways of working with a population in need and the importance of the services user perspective have all been readdressed in this most recent revised edition. The previous editions were very well received and this most recent version offers important revisions and added value to what was already a well founded and essential textbook for both students and qualified practitioners.

The book is cleverly structured, easily read and presented with clarity by the impressive range of contributing authors. The Editors and Authors are to be congratulated for this important updated edition.

I have little doubt that this 3rd edition will be as successful as the first and second. I see it as essential reading for students undertaking nursing undergraduate programs and it has value both for mental health and general nurse undergraduate programs. It also provides an important ‘refresher’ for those undertaking professional development and update courses. I feel able to recommend it with confidence to this broad audience.”
Emeritus Professor Tony Butterworth CBE. FMedSci, FRCN, FQNI, FRCPsych FRSA. Interim Chair, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Chair, Foundation of Nursing Studies

“The 3rd Edition must succeed the 2nd as a core text for mental health nurse students and experienced nurses alike. This considerable feat is achieved, in no small part, by virtue that the Editors have a clear picture of what constitutes mental health nursing and have an insightful way of organizing this wonderful world of mental health nursing. The expertise of the contributors, and the guidance and advice offered in their contributions, ensures this text provides all qualified mental health nurses with an invaluable practical resource to be consulted on an on-going basis. This is a text which needs to be available in copious numbers in any library supporting a pre-registration nursing training, but also deserves a place in any productive clinical team delivering mental health nursing.”
Simon McArdle, University of Greenwich, UK

“This book is certainly one of the key textbooks I would recommend to all mental health nursing students and practitioners in the UK. It captures both the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of our profession and this current edition articulates extremely well the service user perspective and changing policy context in which mental health nurses practice. The scope of the book is admirable and from a pedagogical perspective many of the chapters include ‘applied case studies’ or ‘reflective thinking spaces’ which illuminate and make real the often complex nature of mental health nursing.”
Dr Andrew Clifton, Huddersfield University, UK

“An incredibly useful and insightful book for those working within the field of mental health, this 3rd edition deconstructs and discusses a variety of topical principles, practices and perspectives that underpin mental illness and mental health nursing. The structure and presentation of the subject matter allow the book to meet both current curriculum and workforce development needs for students and qualified staff. The further development and discussion around the areas of Service Development, Older Person, Therapeutic Relationship, Continuing Professional Development, Talking Therapies and Alternative Therapies were particularly useful and impressive.”
Brian Bell, University of Wolverhampton, UK

“This is a contemporary text drawing on the practical aspects of what it is to be a Mental Health Nurse underpinned by the available evidence base. This 3rd edition builds upon earlier versions and situates the person as the focus. It reflects the contemporary context of Mental Health Nursing practice, which requires technical skills whilst engendering the message that the society we care for require compassionate nurses. I believe this balance is achieved through consideration of the art and science of Mental Health Nursing, and is packaged in a user friendly text which will be a reliable point of reference.”
Dr Shelly Allen, University of Salford, UK

“Can one book draw together the collective knowledge of a profession that has evolved over the last century? The answer is “no”, but Norman and Ryrie’s The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing probably gets as close to this as possible. This comprehensive third edition has more chapters, which are more succinct than the previous edition, with a detailed contents page that makes it easier to use as a reference book. Drawing on a wide variety of authors, the book is coherent and well-edited and underpinned by an optimistic, recovery-focused approach to mental health nursing.

The different parts to the book represent a range of conceptual approaches to understanding mental health nursing, which covers the material in an interesting and informative way. The frequent use of scenarios and “thinking spaces” encourages application of theory to practice and I will be recommending this as a core text within the mental health specific modules.”
John Westhead, Staffordshire University, UK

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