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Emotional Schema Therapy

This book presents innovative tools for helping patients to understand their emotional schemas–such as the conviction that painful feelings are unbearable, shameful, or will last indefinitely–and develop new ways of accepting and coping with affective experience. Therapists can integrate emotional schema therapy into the treatment approaches they already use to add a vital new dimension to their work. Rich case material illustrates applications for a wide range of clinical problems; assessment guidelines and sample worksheets and forms further enhance the book’s utility.
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Modern Management of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are very common in women of reproductive age and are mostly benign. However, they are often a cause of abnormal bleeding and, in severe cases, can cause infertility. This comprehensive guide reviews the clinical management of uterine fibroids, with a particular focus on practical surgical techniques. Engage with topics such as the anatomy of the pelvis, key theatre equipment and surgical treatments including hysteroscopic and laparoscopic techniques. Features also include debates around morcellation, and less invasive treatments such as uterine artery embolisation are also covered. An online video library of surgical procedures reinforces the practical techniques taught in the book and detailed colour images supplement the book’s thorough coverage of fibroid management. This makes Modern Management of Uterine Fibroids an essential resource for practicing gynaecologists and IVF specialists, as well as students.



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Conquer Foot Pain: The Art of Eliminating Pain So You Can Walk Through Life Again

Conquer Foot Pain offers relief for those struggling with pain in their feet through Julie Renae Smith’s VITAL ME practice.

For more than twenty-two years, alignment-based physiotherapist, Julie Renae Smith, MPT has helped countless people relieve their foot pain using her VITAL ME practice. In Conquer Foot Pain, those struggling with foot pain learn:

What’s causing their foot pain

How the body functions at its best
Tips, tricks, and techniques that relieve pain
How to keep their body strong, stable, and pain-free
How their brain can help them, so they don’t have to go down this rabbit hole again



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Medical Terminology Complete! 4th Edition

Medical Terminology Complete! presents the most current language of healthcare through a programmed, self-guided approach. Students learn the key medical terms used in medical offices, hospitals, and clinics ― alongside essential A&P information ― and get extensive step-by-step practice building medical terms. The 4th edition improves clinical training for students poised to enter healthcare careers. New types of exercises after each chapter ― Define the Combining Form and Complete the Labels exercises ― round out a comprehensive series of practice opportunities.



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Hepatitis B Virus: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This volume serves as a reference for the dissemination of advances made in the study of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). Hepatitis B Virus: Methods and Protocols details protocols and techniques ranging from cell culture studies to in vivo and clinical immunology. The chapters in this book discuss treatments of in vitro infection systems, analysis and quantification of cccDNA and its mutations; in vitro polymerase activity assays; cellular trafficking of core proteins; intracellular calcium metabolism; detection, cloning, and sequencing of HBV markers; and new strategies aimed at exploiting new mechanisms for drug discovery. The book also covers classical methods for resolution of extracellular viral particles by native gel electrophoresis, and methods for detecting HBV antigens in drug discovery. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Cutting-edge and comprehensive, Hepatitis B Virus: Methods and Protocols is a valuable tool for researchers to use toward their advanced studies in HBV.



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Studies on Hepatic Disorders

This volume examines the current state of free radical biology as it impacts on hepatic disorders. It takes a thorough look at the relationship of oxidative stress in acute and chronic disease and takes into account factors like: redox biomarkers; antioxidant defense and protection; cell signaling, mutations; oxidative damage involving lipids, proteins and nucleic acids; membrane trafficking, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, alterations in immunological function and toxicology and hypoxia. Studies on Hepatic Disorders, the latest volume in the Oxidative Stress in Basic Research and Clinical Practice series, provides a comprehensive look at liver topics. It is organized into four sections, each one thoroughly covering its topic and consisting of chapters written by recognized field leaders. Section One, covers basic principles including redox signaling, antioxidant defenses, nitric oxide, oxidative mechanisms in senescence and regeneration and the detection of oxidative stress. Section Two, explores Pathophysiology. It ranges from cell damage to fibrogenic response as broken out in chapters on hepatocellular injury, mitochondrial damage, unfolded protein response and autophagy, inflammation, ischemia-reperfusion injury and finally, fibrogenesis. Sections Three and Four cover specific diseases and cancer, respectively. Most of the chapters focus on diseases including acute failure, alcoholic disease, viral hepatitis, iron overload, autoimmune disease, Wilson’s disease and more, while the chapters on cancer round out the book.
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Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine

Superbly illustrated, one-volume source on all aspects of Chinese medicine

A traditional medicine with up-to-date applications, Chinese Medicine is gaining steady acceptance throughout the world. In this exquisitely illustrated Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine, written by a renowned team of international experts, readers will find a concise yet comprehensive synopsis of the entire field. From the clinical practice of acupuncture and moxibustion to Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition therapy, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and Tuina, the book offers a deep understanding of the underlying theory, characteristics, and fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine, as well as its philosophical and cultural basis. For those needing a single volume overview of this broad and multi-faceted field, this book is unrivalled.


Full coverage of the basic tenets of Chinese Medicine, from its historical roots to modern scientific research, methods, and findings
Informative chapter on diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
Practical discussion of Chinese herbs and their usage, including formulas for various common ailments
Insights from leading specialists on their respective disciplines
Proven pocket atlas format, with double-page spreads and juxtaposition of text and related photographs, drawings, and charts for easy comprehension
More than 150 beautifully detailed, full-color illustrations demonstrating key models

Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine is a must-have resource for students and practitioners of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and complementary medicine, including medical doctors in acupuncture training. General physicians interested in expanding their services will also benefit from the wealth of information in this practical guide.




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An Evidence-Based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals: Health Benefits and Intake Recommendations, 2nd Edition

The latest and most accurate, peer-reviewed information on the role of vitamins and minerals in health and disease

An Evidence-Based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals: Health Benefits and Intake Recommendations is a trusted resource for the health professional who needs to interpret the explosion of studies on the role of micronutrients in health and disease and who is concerned about the proliferation of dietary supplements now available to the consumer.

This evidence-based reference, now in a second edition, presents the most current scientific, epidemiological and clinical research on the role of vitamins and minerals in preventing disease and promoting optimal health. Organized by micronutrient, the book covers biological function, deficiency, recommended daily allowance, role in disease prevention and treatment, sources, safety, and interactions with other micronutrients and drugs–all endorsed by the internationally acclaimed Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.

Special Features:

Each chapter reviewed by a recognized expert in the field, who also served on the book’s Editorial Advisory Board
Contains the latest intake recommendations from the Linus Pauling Institute, as well as the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute for Medicine
Provides a complete index by disease or disorder that facilitates easy location of condition-specific information found in multiple chapters
Extensively referenced, with hundreds of citations from the most current experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies
Includes useful appendices covering drug-nutrient interactions and nutrient-nutrient interactions, a glossary of terms, a units conversion table, and the Linus Pauling Institute “Prescription for Health,” summarizing its recommendations for a healthy diet, lifestyle, and supplement use

Taking the approach that micronutrients play a significant role not only in preventing deficiency disease, but in enhancing general health and averting chronic disease, this book is essential for physicians, nutritionists, and allied health professionals who need the most reliable, up-to-date information in this rapidly expanding field.




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Wyllie’s Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice 7th Edition

Comprehensive, yet accessible, Wyllie’s Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice has provided a detailed and cohesive overview of seizure disorders and treatment options through six well-regarded editions. The 7th Edition remains the definitive reference in the field with extensive updates from Dr. Elaine Wyllie and her team of world-renowned editors and authors. Ideal for both clinical reference and exam preparation, this single-volume work on contemporary epileptology is an indispensable resource for neurologists, epilepsy specialists and epilepsy neurosurgeons, neurology and neurosurgery residents and fellows, and neuropsychologists.



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Intracellular Calcium, 2 Volume Set

Thousands of imaginative scientists, over more than a century, have revealed the fascinating story of intracellular calcium, through a pathway of ingenious invention and discovery.
Intracellular Calcium, the definitive book on this topic, reveals:
The pathway of discovery and invention of intracellular calcium over more than 100 years.
The evidence for intracellular calcium as a universal switch in all animal, plant, fungal and microbial cells
How the components required for calcium signalling are named and classified.
The ingenious technology, which has been developed to study intracellular calcium.
How calcium is regulated inside cells and how it works to trigger an event.
The role of intracellular calcium in disease, cell injury and cell death.
How many drugs work through the calcium signalling system.
How intracellular calcium is involved in the action of many natural toxins.
How the intracellular calcium signalling system has evolved over 4000 million years, showing why it was crucial to the origin of life.
A key principle presented throughout the book is the molecular variation upon which the intracellular calcium signalling system depends. This variation occurs within the same cell type and between cells with different functions, providing the invisible matrix upon which Darwin and Wallace’s Natural Selection depends.
Featuring more than 100 figures, including detailed chemical structures as well as pictures of key pioneers in the field, a bibliography of more than 1500 references, as well as detailed subject and organism indices, this definitive work provides a unique source of scholarship for teachers and researchers in the biomedical sciences and beyond.



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