Jul 062017

Neurological Examination Made Easy, 4e

By (author): Geraint Fuller MD FRCP

A concise and highly illustrated guide to the clinical examination of the nervous system for medical students, rsidents and junior doctors.

  • A concise and lucid explanation of how to examine the nervous system.
  • Copiously illustrated with clear line diagrams and flow charts.
  • Instructions are clear and systematic – what to do, what you will find, and what it means.
  • Strengthening of recommendations on the order of sensory testing.
  • Addition of Halmagyi’s head thrust test.
  • Updating of the cases in the section on passing clinical exams.
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Mar 222017

MCAT Verbal Practice: 108 Passages for the New CARS Section (More MCAT Practice)

By (author): Bryan Schnedeker

Need lots and LOTS of practice for the MCAT CARS section? This book has over one hundred practice passages arranged in a dozen timed practice verbal sections to help you hone your critical analysis and reasoning skills. This book is meant for a student who has already gotten a start with different reading strategies and now needs to hone their skills with lots of practice. If you’re looking to get an introduction to the CARS section and strategies to master it, pick up Next Step’s MCAT CARS: Strategy and Practice book in addition to this book. Those who purchase a Next Step book also get free access to our online MCAT diagnostic test.
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Mar 122017

Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 2e

By (author): Iain A M Hennessey MBChB(Hons) BSc(Hons) MMIS FRCS, Alan G Japp MBChB(Hons) BSc(Hons) MRCP PhD

Arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis is a fundamental skill in modern medicine yet one which many find difficult to grasp. This book provides readers with the core background knowledge required to understand the ABG, explains how it is used in clinical practice and provides a unique system for interpreting results. Over half of the book is devoted to thirty clinical case scenarios involving analysis of arterial blood gases, allowing the reader to gain both proficiency in interpretation and an appreciation of the role of an ABG in guiding clinical diagnosis and management.

  • A practical guide written for all those who use this test and have to interpret the results.
  • Utilises worked examples to allow the reader to gain confidence in interpreting ABGs and appreciate the usefulness of the test in a variety of different clinical settings.
  • Written in a simple style and presents the concepts in a straightforward manner.
    • Additional clinical case scenarios put the ABG into practice.
      • Includes a video detailing how to take a sample.
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        Mar 012017

        Zitelli and Davis’ Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis: Expert Consult – Online and Print, 6e (Zitelli, Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis)

        Features: Used Book in Good Condition
        By (author): Basil J. Zitelli MD, Sara C McIntire MD, Andrew J Nowalk MD PhD

        Accurately diagnose the entire spectrum of pediatric conditions with the most trusted atlas in the field: Zitelli and Davis’ Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis, 6th Edition. Over 2,500 superb clinical photographs provide unparalleled coverage of important clinical signs and symptoms – from the common (pinkeye) to the rare (Williams syndrome). Trusted by residents and clinicians alike, this updated classic helps you quickly and confidently diagnose any childhood condition you’re likely to encounter.

        • Get the comprehensive coverage you need – from pertinent historical factors and examination techniques to visual and diagnostic methods – with over 2,500 practical, clinical photographs to help identify and diagnose hundreds of pediatric disorders.
        • Benefit from authoritative guidance on genetic disorders and dysmorphic conditions, neonatology, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, allergy and immunology, conditions of each body system, child abuse and neglect, infectious disease, surgery, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, orthopedics, and craniofacial syndromes – all enhanced by over 3,400 high-quality images.
        • Prepare for the pediatric boards with one of the best, most widely used review tools available.
        • Access the complete contents and illustrations online at www.expertconsult.com – fully searchable!
        • Get in-depth guidance on your laptop or mobile device with online diagnostic videos of non-seizure neurological symptoms, respiratory disorders, and seizures, plus an infant development assessment tool, a downloadable image gallery (JPEGs or PPTs for easy insertion into academic presentations) and links to PubMed – all online at www.expertconsult.com.
        • Gain an up-to-date understanding of today’s hottest topics, including autism spectrum disorders, childhood obesity, inborn errors of metabolism, malformations associated with teratogens, and mitochondrial disorders.
        • Stay current with new chapters and revised coverage of genetics, radiology, development, endocrinology, infectious diseases, cerebral palsy, skeletal syndromes, and child abuse.

        Face your daily diagnostic challenges, from the common to the rare, with Zitelli.

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        Feb 262017

        DeMyer’s The Neurologic Examination: A Programmed Text, Seventh Edition (Neurology)

        By (author): Jose Biller Professor and Chairman Dept of Neurology, Gregory Gruener, Paul Brazis

        The single-best guide to learning how to perform the diagnostic neurologic examination – enhanced by more than 80 online videos

        Presented in full color, DeMyer’s provides neurologists and psychiatrists in training with a proven, didactic way to learn the complicated technique of using the physical examination to diagnose neurologic illness. This trusted classic also reviews the anatomy and physiology necessary to interpret the examination, and it details the laboratory tests and neuroimaging best suited for a particular clinical problem. You will also find complete, up-to-date coverage of the latest imaging modalities for assessing disease.

        Utilizing a learn at your own pace teaching approach, DeMyer’s The Neurologic Examination features valuable learning aids such as:

        ·        Full-color illustrations that clearly explain neuroanatomy and physiology

        ·        Detailed tables and mnemonics to help you remember important steps and signs to look for during the examination

        ·        Learning Objectives to help you organize and retain important takeaways from each chapter

        ·        Questions and answers within the text to reinforce key points

        ·        Clear algorithms that reveal the differential diagnoses of common neurologic symptoms

        ·        NEW! More than 80 online clinical vignette videos

        If you are looking for authoritative, step-by-step guidance from experienced teachers/clinicians on how to perform an accomplished neurologic examination, your search ends with DeMyer’s.



        Jose Biller, MD is Chair of the Department of Neurology at Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois
        Gregory Gruener, MD, MBA is Professor in the Department of Neurology and Director, Ralph P. Leischner, Jr. MD Institute for Medical Education at Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois
        Paul W. Brazis, MD is Professor of Neurology in the Department of Neurology and Ophthalmology at the Mayo Medical School, and Consultant in Neurology and Neuro-Ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville, Florida.

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        Jan 122017

        Skills for Communicating with Patients, 3rd Edition

        Features: Ingram
        By (author): Jonathan Silverman, Suzanne Kurtz, Juliet Draper

        Skills for Communicating with Patients, Third Edition is one of two companion books on improving communication in medicine, which together provide a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning communication skills throughout all levels of medical education in both specialist and family medicine. Since their publication, the first edition of this book and its companion, Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine, have become established standard texts in communication skills teaching throughout the world.

        This substantially expanded third edition has been fully updated in relation to the current literature and revised to reflect the explosion of research on healthcare communication. It incorporates considerable evidence in support of the skills of the Calgary-Cambridge Guides, offering a comprehensive and now even more evidence-based delineation of the skills that make a difference when communicating with patients. The book explores the specific skills of doctor-patient communication and provides wide-ranging evidence of the improvement that those skills can make to health outcomes and everyday clinical practice. It is unique in providing a secure platform of core skills which represent the foundations of doctor-patient communication.

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        Jan 112017

        Study Skills for Nurses (Student Survival Skills)

        By (author): Claire Boyd

        Survive academic study with this snappy guide to research techniques and strategies for all student nurses. 

        Providing words of wisdom and tips from real student nurses, StudySkills for Nurses enables you to develop your own individual ways of studying for those all important projects, with exercises, step-by-step guides and tricks to help you get ahead.

        Special features

        • Developed by students for students
        • Clear, straightforward and jargon-free
        • Ties in with the NMC standards for pre-registration education and the Essential Skills Clusters.
        • Takes away the fear of study and independent research projects, making it approachable, easy and fun
        List Price: $16.99 USD
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        Jan 072017

        Mosby’s Expert Physical Exam Handbook: Rapid Inpatient and Outpatient Assessments, 3e

        By (author): Mosby

        With the most up-to-date information on assessment techniques, normal and abnormal findings, and the assessment of patients with specific diseases and disorders, Mosby’s Expert Physical Exam Handbook: Rapid Inpatient and Outpatient Assessments, 3rd Edition is an essential resource for the medical-surgical setting. Detailed instructions and tips help you effectively apply your physical examination skills. From basic examination techniques to step-by-step guides for examining each body region and system, this handbook has everything you need to perform quick and thorough physical examinations.

        • UNIQUE! Action Stats identify immediate actions for critical situations and explain what to do for a patient with a potentially life-threatening condition.UNIQUE! Disorder Close-Ups enable you to identify abnormalities and determine when further analysis or treatment is needed.
        • Normal Findings summarize characteristic findings and acceptable variations based on age, sex, and condition of the patient.
        • UNIQUE! Interpreting Abnormal Findings helps you analyze irregular findings and determine their causes.
        • A chapter on documentation highlights key information to record during the initial assessment, with guidelines for documenting findings for over 20 selected conditions.
        • Examination Tips save you time with practical advice on how to examine patients more efficiently.
        • Lifespan Considerations provide guidelines for assessing patients of all ages to help you individualize exams.
        • Cultural Considerations include valuable information on variations in findings and transcultural considerations for the increasingly multicultural population.
        • Anatomy Reviews with detailed anatomical illustrations refresh your knowledge of anatomy for more accurate physical examinations.
        • A chapter covering health history, equipment, examination techniques, and procedures provides a solid foundation for learning to conduct more effective exams.
        • UNIQUE! The easy-to-follow, step-by-step format covers all aspects of physical examination – inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation – promoting an efficient and logical approach to physical exams.
        • Interview questions and guidelines help you hone your interviewing skills to focus your physical assessments.
        • How-to tips on individualizing the physical exam for patients with handicaps, pain, and serious illnesses enable you to effectively and accurately assess patients with special situations.
        • UNIQUE! Expert Exam Checklists available in the book and on the companion Evolve website provide handy reminders for assessing each body region.
        • Thoroughly updated content reflects the latest research findings and evidence-based practice for techniques, normal and abnormal findings, and more.
        • More illustrations and photographs than ever before clearly show normal anatomy, as well as normal and abnormal assessment findings.
        • Dual-function table of contents, with body systems cross-referencing in addition to a body regions organization, helps you quickly find the information you need.
        • Spanish/English assessment terms enable you to accurately communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.
        List Price: $56.95 USD
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        Jan 072017

        Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis, 6e

        Features: Used Book in Good Condition
        By (author): Simon O’Connor FRACP DDU FCSANZ

        The sixth edition of Clinical Examination continues to serve all medical trainees with a clear explanation of history taking and clinical examination. Set out systematically, this best selling textbook has comprehensive coverage of the skills necessary for clinically evaluating patients. Thoroughly evidence based and referenced, in full colour with superior artwork and design, the book comes with free and complete access to Student Consult.

        • Student Consult – full online access
        • full colour with superior artwork and design
        • evidence-based
          • Coverage of ENT and Ophthalmology
            • Expanded history taking sections with new differential diagnosis tables
              • More anatomy content and illustrations
                • Expanded evidence based medicine references – the only physical examination trainees book with detailed references; new section on inter-observer variability and kappa values
                  • New material on DVD includes OSCEs, ECGs and an imaging library.

                    The book is written for the clinical skills subject of the medical curriculum. Medical schools teach this at varying stages, some introducing the subject in the beginning years (graduate medical schools years 1 & 2) and others at year 3 (traditional/hybrid curricula, usually 5 or 6 years). Specialty Colleges and RACP teach a clinical skills subject in the early part of basic training which takes place after PGY1 & 2.

                    List Price: $131.00
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                    Used from: $31.86 USD In Stock

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                    Jan 032017

                    Clinical Skills in Infant Mental Health: The First Three Years (Second Edition)

                    By (author): Sarah Mares, Louise Newman, Beulah Warren

                    What is mental health in infancy and early childhood? Why is it important? How does the infant-parent relationship influence development, and how do these early experiences shape our lives? How can clinical assessment and intervention focus on these early relationships to improve developmental outcomes for infants, young children, and their families? This thoroughly updated and expanded second edition provides an evidence-based and practical approach to assessment of young children and their families across diverse settings. The impact of attachment issues, prematurity, trauma, parental mental illness, substance abuse, and other adverse circumstances is clearly explained. Additionally, the quality of parenting and the importance of early relationships are addressed. Written for a wide range of professionals – including maternal and child health nurses, general practitioners, psychiatrists, child protection workers, early childhood educators, and community and mental health workers – this edition has two new chapters on intervention and professional issues, such as training, ethics, and advocacy. The growing understanding of factors that influence infant psychological development, and influence the social and emotional well-being of young children and their families, make this book an essential reference for all health care practitioners and early childhood professionals.
                    List Price: $59.95
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                    Used from: $283.64 USD In Stock

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