Oct 012018

Add Expert Analysis of Difficult Cases to Your Practice With Consultant Pathology

Superficial Melanocytic Pathology provides expert guidance for resolving the real world problems pathologists face when diagnosing melanomas and other atypical pigmented lesions. It reviews each major category of atypical melanocytic lesions, including the pathology of the superficial categories of melanoma followed by a discussion of the major simulants of melanoma.

The book provides an overview of the morphologic description and diagnostic issues for each lesion, followed by 60 detailed, abundantly illustrated case presentations, offering an expert approach to diagnosis for a range of challenging cases. Five hundred high-quality color images support the case presentations. Of special interest is a chapter on ÏambiguousÓ lesions of uncertain significance. The bookÌs thorough analysis of challenging lesions will aid pathologists in differentiating between benign superficial proliferations and malignant melanocytic tumors.

All Consultant Pathology Titles Provide:

ACTUAL consultation cases and expert analysis
EXPERT analysis provides a detailed discussion of the reasoning behind the diagnosis of each case
COMPREHENSIVE coverage of challenging diagnoses
CASES that are richly illustrated with high-quality photomicrographs







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