Mar 232021

This essential study guide is completely updated to reflect the evidence-based focus and fresh content of the 7th edition of Nursing Research. It provides chapter-by-chapter review and a variety of innovative learning activities to help you strengthen your critical appraisal and research application skills.

    • Introduction and Learning Outcomes help you focus on key content.


    • Content Mastery Activities such as fill-in-the-blank, matching, and multiple-choice questions, word scramble exercises, crossword puzzles, and critical thinking activities help you apply essential concepts.


    • Critique Activities refer to research studies from the textbook and challenge you to critique various aspects of the research.


    • Web-Based Activities direct you to online sources of information to practice appraising research found on the Internet.


    • Evidence-Based Practice Activities at the end of each chapter reinforce the importance of using research evidence in clinical practice.


  • An Answer Key at the back of the study guide allows you to check your answers for immediate performance feedback.


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