Aug 212018

• The only MCQ book in any subject written by textbook authors.

• Thoroughly revised, updated and fully colored edition.

• All image based microbiology MCQs of 2016 came from this book.

• Facts and concepts have been taken from latest editions of Harrison (19th), Park (23rd), Jawetz (25th), Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Medical Microbiology, Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Medical Parasitology and Ananthanarayan (9th edition).

• Latest updates included such as BMW Rule 2016, Zika, H1N1, Ebola virus, Polio eradication, Vaccine-derived PolioVirus (VDPV), MERS CoV, etc.

• Includes questions along with explanatory answers of AIIMS (2000-2016 Nov), PGI (2000-2016 Nov), JIPMER (2009-2016 Nov), All India (2000-2012), DNB (2000-2012) and recent questions from other national level examinations (2013-2016).

• Contains recent MCQs from state entrance exams such as APPG (2000-2016), TNPG (2009-2016), MHPG (2009-2016), West Bengal PG (2012-2016), COMEDK (2013-2016), CMC Vellore 2016 and latest MCQs from other national and state entrances.

• Image-based question bank is strengthened with new images (more than 500 images are included).

• Only MCQs book on Microbiology written by the subject specialty and textbook authors.

• Interactive 2 hours DVD containing Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology Discussion.

• Chapter-wise concise text in a new layout for enabling students to study antegrade manner and important points given in separate boxes.

• Chapter-wise MCQs with detailed explanations given from previous year exams of National and State exams including DNB and NEET pattern questions.

• Hundred percent authentic and correct answers with updated references.

• More emphasis is given to the sections, like Immunology, Parasitology and Mycology.

• Enriched with lots of tables, flowcharts and mnemonics for better recall by the students.

• Useful for interns, students preparing for entrance exams and for second professional students.

• Author online support for clarification of doubts.

• A must-buy book for All India, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, DNB FMGE and state entrance exams.



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