Nov 052020

The threats of biological airborne hazards are a global danger throughout the world today. Respiratory Protection Against Hazardous Biological Agents covers sources and practices of bioaerosol sampling, and discusses the prevention of these airborne hazards. The most common workplace hazard is poor air quality. The book provides the basic principles of a safe work environment in the conditions where workers might be exposed to harmful bioaerosols. It presents key characteristics of biological hazards and their effects on the human body. It examines microbial growth in filtering materials and provides the details of specific risks for users of respiratory protective devices. The book will present the reader a guide on how to measure the risk of exposure of biological agents and properly select respiratory protective devices. The book is ideal for the health and safety professionals and experts in the field of environmental health.


Evaluates the risk of exposure to biological agents
Describes the characteristics of biological factors and their effects on the human body
Provides training on the importance of respiratory protective devices
Examines microorganisms in the work environment
Provides examples and case studies


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