Apr 292020

Respiratory diseases affect a large proportion of the population and can cause complications when associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy induces profound anatomical and functional physiological changes in the mother, and subjects the mother to pregnancy-specific respiratory conditions. Reviewing respiratory conditions both specific and non-specific to pregnancy, the book also addresses related issues such as smoking and mechanical ventilation. Basic concepts for the obstetrician are covered, including patient history, physiology and initial examinations. Topics such as physiological changes during pregnancy and placental gas exchange are discussed for the non-obstetrician. Guidance is practical, covering antenatal and post-partum care, as well as management in the delivery suite. An essential guide to respiratory diseases in pregnancy, this book is indispensable to both obstetricians and non-obstetric physicians managing pregnant patients.

Book Description

A practical guide to respiratory conditions and pregnancy and their successful management. Covering patient history, physiology and examination and special investigations; and placental gas exchange, smoking, drug therapy and management of respiratory failure. An essential reference for all clinicians managing mothers with respiratory conditions.





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