Jul 192018

Reflux is an important factor in many different lung diseases and its manifestations are under recognised. The pathological basis of reflux has recently undergone major changes and clinicians’ understanding has improved with diagnostic technology. This book aims to educate and inform professionals of these latest developments and give practical advice to their application in the clinical setting. It contains contributions written by world experts discussing their latest research, ideas and future directions in this fast moving area.
Pharmacological, surgical and behavioural techniques in the prevention and treatment of reflux are discussed in each chapter. Special circumstances, such as eosinophilic inflammation in relation to asthma, cough and eosinophilic bronchitis are also highlighted. This book brings together the various different strands of research in reflux in relation to airways disease, to provide readers with a board summary of how the different but overlapping areas impacted by reflux affect the respiratory tract.




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