Feb 062019

Among the most helpful and popular features of the Red Book are its tables, algorithms, charts, and graphs. To make these tools more accessible and user-friendly at the point of care, the American Academy of Pediatrics is pleased to introduce the new Red Book Pediatric Infectious Diseases Clinical Decision Support Chart.

This handy resource collects many of the most clinically useful tables, algorithms, and other items from the latest edition of Red Book and presents them in an enlarged, enhanced, colorized format that is lightweight, portable, and easy to navigate.

Additionally, new tables have been created exclusively for this chart, synthesizing important clinical information from the Red Book text.

15 information-rich topics include:

– Staphylococcal Infections
– Streptococcal Infections
– Diarrheal Infections
– Immunizations
– Antibiotic Prophylaxis
– Immune Globulin
– Kawasaki Disease
– Tuberculosis
– Lyme Disease
– Varicella-Zoster
– Zika
– Fungal Infections
– Genital and Neonatal Herpes
– Syphilis
– Immunocompromised Children and Adolescents

The content featured in these 15 tabs has been reviewed by the Red Book editors to ensure consistency with AAP policy.





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