Aug 022019

The cannabinoid system plays a central role in a wide variety of physiological functions that touch upon cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune, and nervous systems. Cannabinoids also play a central role in developmental physiology, management of pain, and shaping of human behaviour. Recent movements towards legalization of marijuana use have bolstered scientific interest in the cannabinoid field and led to research efforts that would unveil multi-faceted effects and mechanisms of cannabinoid presence in different organs and at various stages of development.
This book summarizes the recent advances in the field of cannabinoid research at multiple levels of resolution. It spans from systemic effects of cannabinoids on development, physiological function, and prevalent pathophysiological conditions to mechanisms that govern cannabinoid interaction with their relevant protein targets at atomic resolution. This book will be of interest to a specialized audience in the fields of biochemistry, pharmacology and developmental biology but alsoto a wider readership with interest in general physiology and cannabinoid signalling in biological systems.



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