Feb 072021

Be prepared for the updated ARRT competency requirements! To qualify for the certification exam, students must now demonstrate their competency in all 36 mandatory procedures and in at least 15 of the 30 elective procedures, and faculty must verify their students’ proficiencies. These procedure checklists make it easy for everyone to do so. And, it’s the perfect tool for helping students to learn to make the decisions that will produce the highest quality radiographs while considering the needs and limitations of the patient. First, students can use the checklists to review the procedures in preparation for the exam. Then, instructors can use them to record their procedural and competency evaluations of the student. And, finally, program directors can use them to verify to the ARRT that the student has demonstrated the required competencies and proficiencies. – Uses easy-to-follow checklists to provide a complete, detailed, convenient, and organized tool for educators to compare, track, and evaluate student performance, progression, and competency in accordance with the mandatory ARRT standards – Features a Table of Contents that doubles as a “Grade Record” chart, enabling faculty to track a student’s progress at-a-glance. – Gives students the opportunity to practice positioning, manipulating equipment, central ray alignment, retrieval of necessary supplies, patient care, and more. – Encourages critical thinking and the development of problem-solving skills by requiring that students to evaluate their own radiographs and to know the consequences of omitting even a single procedural step. – Follows a body system organization.
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