Aug 012020

Quick Reference Dictionary for GI and Hepatology is a unique, pocket-sized reference designed specifically to provide a magnitude of terms and their definitions, guidelines, and references essential to the gastroenterology profession.
Led by Dr. Jonathan Fenkel and his contributors, this compact, concise, and informative reference contains over 1000 commonly used GI and hepatology terms and definitions. Additionally, Quick Reference Dictionary for GI and Hepatology offers more than 20 quick reference appendices related to common GI and liver diseases.
Some appendices include:
• Causes of acute liver failure
• Approach to elevated liver enzyme tests
• Peptic ulcer disease: therapy and re-bleeding rates
• Colorectal cancer surveillance guidelines
• Scoring of acute pancreatitis
• Types of gallstones
Quick Reference Dictionary for GI and Hepatology provides an at-your-fingertips guide for anyone who works in the gastroenterology profession, including gastroenterologists, medical students, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, office staff, and industry sales representatives.


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