Jun 132019

This second edition brings postgraduates and paediatricians fully up to date with the latest knowledge and developments in paediatric haematology. Beginning with an introduction to interpreting the complete blood count, the following chapters examine in detail different conditions such as anaemia, white blood cell disorders, von Willebrand’s disease, stroke and myelodysplastic syndrome.

The final sections discuss therapies including hemato-oncology, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, vascular access and specialised techniques for drug delivery, as well as psychological support of chronic blood disorders. With emphasis put on the development of new diagnostic tests for these disorders, this comprehensive guide includes almost 200 images and illustrations to assist understanding. Key Features * New edition brings postgraduates up to date with latest developments in paediatric haematology * Discusses in detail numerous conditions and disorders * Nearly 200 images and illustrations * Author trained in paediatric haematology-oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Surrey and University College Hospital, London, UK * First edition published 2006





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