Feb 122021

Practical Neurocounseling demonstrates the importance of considering brain health in counseling, showing mental health professionals how to understand and assess the functioning of different parts of the brain without sophisticated software or intensive training.

Chapters map out individual brain areas and give tips and guidance that therapists can use to tailor their approaches to meet specific cognitive, emotional, and behavioral needs. The interventions provided in each chapter are gender and culturally neutral, with easy-to-follow directions for application. LORETA brain maps for each of the 19 brain sites help identify brain locations to brain function and areas of dysregulation, and corresponding step-by-step interventions can be used to regulate sites and behaviors.

More than just a collection of techniques, Practical Neurocounseling is a valuable guide for clinicians interested in the relationship between brain activity and behavior. It’s also an ideal book for professors and students in any neurocounseling course and for clinicians working in talk therapy.



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