Jun 262020

This book begins with fundamentals of electrocardiography, describing in details its historic background, generation of electric current by the cardiac cells, its proper propagation via natural pacemakers like SA and AV nodes, His bundle and finally through its purkinje tissue to initiate the systolic and diastolic components of the cardiac cycle, and inclusion of charts/graphs depicting of normal ECG values starting from the newborn baby, infants, adolescents and their adult counterparts of either sex. These basics of electrocardiography would be very useful for further understanding of various types of cardiac arrhythmias with respect to its genesis. This chapter would be very helpful to the learning technicians, nurses, residents in general medicine, cardiac fellows and undergraduate and postgraduate students preparing for their respective examination. As this book proceeds further, it gives lucid and illustrative details of electrocardiographic patterns of AV blocks, cardiac arrest rhythms, ambulatory electrocardiography, intracardiac electrophysiology,





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