Jun 272020

Physiotherapy is an integral part of rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders in order to restore the full functions at the earliest and re-integrate the patient to daily routine. As a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, I have tried to line out the basic clinical conditions dealt in clinical practice with relevant signs and symptoms, diagnostic criteria and orthopaedic management. The physiotherapeutic intervention has been explained in a detailed manner related to both conservative and surgical management of the conditions. Many of the treatment facts and schedules are based on the latest studies and research guidelines. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a vast subject and I have tried to cover the majority of topics, although I know there are still important topics that are left out which will be covered in next edition if given a chance. The book will hopefully provide a good amount of knowledge and guidance to the students of physiotherapy and practising physiotherapists.





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