Jan 052022

A comprehensive and state-of-the-art reference on percutaneous epicardial interventions for clinical cardiac electrophysiologists.

In this breakthrough textbook edited and written by the inventors and experts, the reader will appreciate the historical evolution, pertinent technical aspects and relevant anatomy, and review the growing knowledge base of epicardial substrate characteristics implicated in human VT. This is the first authoritative compilation dedicated to epicardial interventions and is a must-read for all students of cardiac anatomy, complex ablation, and interventional cardiology. 

– Roderick Tung, MD, from the Foreword

In Percutaneous Epicardial Interventions, Drs. d’Avila, Aryana, Reddy, and Marchlinski, bring together experts from around the world to summarize the knowledge gained and state of the art. These chapters are valuable, not only to practitioners who work in the pericardial space but also provides important anatomic, physiologic, and pathophysiologic insights valuable to all students of cardiac electrophysiology. 

– William G. Stevenson, MD, from the Preface

Sections included:

  • Historical Perspective
  • Epicardial Anatomy
  • Epicardial Access
  • How to Identify the Epicardial Ventricular Tachycardia Anatomic Substrate
  • Electrocardiographic Criteria to Identify Epicardial Ventricular Tachycardia
  • Sinus Rhythm Electrocardiogram and Electroanatomic Correlates in Common Arrhythmogenic Disorders
  • Epicardial Ablation: Techniques and Outcomes
  • Procedural Complications





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