May 302016

The Effects of Sound on People (Wiley Series in Acoustics Noise and Vibration)

By (author): James P. Cowan

Provides a summary of current research results on the physiological and psychological effects of sound on people

  • Covers how the operation of the hearing mechanism affects our reactions to sounds
  • Includes research results from studies on noise sources of public concern such as transportation, public utility, and recreational sources, with emphasis on low frequency sound and infrasound
  • Covers sounds that affect some but not others, how sounds can be controlled on a practical level, and how and what sounds are regulated
  • Includes coverage of both positive and negative effects of sound
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May 302016

The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability

By (author): Sabyasachi Bhaumik, Satheesh Kumar Gangadharan, David Branford, Mary Barrett

The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability provides comprehensive guidance on prescribing for patients with intellectual disability as well as general information on the clinical care of this important population.

The guidelines have been conceived and developed by clinicians working in intellectual disability services. They are based on both the latest evidence and expert opinion to provide a consensus approach to prescribing as part of a holistic package of care, and include numerous case examples and scenarios. New to this third edition is improved coverage of children and the role of primary care teams.

The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability remains a practical guide for busy clinicians and a valuable reference for all primary and secondary health care professionals caring for people with intellectual disability.

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May 302016

The Functions, Disease-Related Dysfunctions, and Therapeutic Targeting of Neuronal Mitochondria (Wiley Series on Neuropharmacology)

By (author): J. Marie Hardwick

This book presents advances in the field of neuronal mitochondria – functions, relation to therapeutics, and pharmacology. For scientists and researchers in both industry and academia, this book provides detailed discussion, examples, and approaches, to illustrate the potential of mitochondria as therapeutic targets for neuronal diseases.

•    Helps readers understand the regulation of mitochondrial cellular processes, such as substrate metabolism, energy production, and programmed versus sporadic cell death
•    Offers insights on the development of strategies for targeted therapeutic approaches and potential personalized treatments
•    Includes examples of mitochondrial drugs, development, and mitochondria-targeted approaches for more efficient treatment methods and further developments in the field
•    Covers the model systems and approaches needed for the development of new drugs for the central nervous system to provide potential modern therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders

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May 302016

Neuroendocrinology of Stress (Wiley-INF Masterclass in Neuroendocrinology Series)

Exposure to chronic stress has cumulative adverse effects on physical and mental health, considered to be the consequence of chronic exposure to high levels of stress hormones. Consequently, there is extensive research in progress to investigate and better understand how the brain organises neuroendocrine stress responses and how interventions may be able to moderate these responses to improve mental and physical health.

Neuroendocrinology of Stress  highlights current knowledge of the organisation and physiology of these stress response systems, how the impact of dysregulation of these systems is being investigated, and considers the ways in which contributions to both psychiatric and physical diseases resulting from chronic stress effects can be critically addressed in basic research

  • Written by a team of internationally renowned researchers, each chapter presents a succinct summary of the very latest developments in the field
  • Both print and enhanced e-book versions are available
  • Illustrated in full colour throughout

This is the second volume in a new Series “Masterclass in Neuroendocrinology”, a co- publication between Wiley and the INF (International Neuroendocrine Federation) that aims to illustrate highest standards and encourage the use of the latest technologies in basic and clinical research and hopes to provide inspiration for further exploration into the exciting field of neuroendocrinology.

Series Editors: John A. Russell, University of Edinburgh, UK and William E. Armstrong, The University of Tennessee, USA

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May 302016

Control of Breathing in Health and Disease (Lung Biology in Health and Disease)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This useful reference provides comprehensive reviews of the physiological foundations of the control of breathing and offers new insights into the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of breathing disorders in respiratory, cardiac, neuromuscular, and metabolic-endocrine diseases.
Control of Breathing in Health and Disease
  • sheds new light on the central neural mechanisms controlling breathing and the important chemical, neuromechanical, and behavioral systems that are responsible for setting the level and pattern of breathing
  • investigates the neural basis of respiratory sensation and the mechanisms of breathlessness
  • addresses the systems that are responsible for assuring the adequacy of ventilation during exercise
  • considers the structural, mechanical, and neural mechanisms influencing upper airway patency
  • reviews the physiological mechanisms of Cheyne-Stokes breathing
  • charts the influence of gender, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy on ventilatory control
  • presents current approaches to the clinical assessment of the control of breathing
  • discusses breathing abnormalities in the newborn and infants and changes in breathing patterns in the elderly
  • evaluates the mechanisms and management of sleep-disordered breathing
  • analyzes abnormalities in breathing control in chronic obstructive and interstitial lung diseases, heart failure, neurological diseases, muscular dystrophy, and thyroid disorders, diabetes, and acromegaly
  • outlines modern approaches to the management of respiratory failure
  • and more!
    Including more than 2200 references, tables, equations, and drawings, Control of Breathing in Health and Disease benefits pulmonologists; physiologists; chest, pulmonary, thoracic, and cardiovascular physicians and surgeons; asthmologists; cardiologists; respiratory therapists; and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students in these disciplines.
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    May 302016

    Language Intervention Strategies in Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders

    This thoroughly revised and updated Fifth Edition is the most comprehensive resource on aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders from the most distinguished authorities of our time. This classic text has been used by graduate speech language pathology students for over 25 years, and continues to be the definitive resource across the speech sciences for aphasia.

    The book describes a wide range of intervention strategies including team treatment, group therapy, approaches for bilingual and culturally diverse clients, augmentative and alternative communication, and computer-assisted interventions. An important section addresses psychosocial/functional approaches to intervention. New to this edition are Activities for Discussion that encourage students to reflect on what they just read.

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    May 302016

    Somatostatin Analogues: From Research to Clinical Practice

    Featuring chapters from specialists in endocrinology, physiology, pathology, and nuclear medicine, this book provides a multidisciplinary approach to a wide variety of issues concerning somatostatin and its analogues. The book:

    • Provides the most up-to-date coverage of somatostatin analog use in diagnostic and therapy
    • Integrating the specialties of endocrinology, physiology, pathology, and nuclear medicine, providing the multidisciplinary approach to the topic
    • Focuses on future applications, novel compounds, and areas for further research
    • Covers topics by authors who are renowned experts and researchers in the field
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    May 302016

    Transplant Immunology

    By (author): Xian C. Li, M. Jevnikar Anthony

    With all the complex issues of acceptance or rejection of a transplanted organ, immunology is a key subject for all transplantation clinicians. During recent years, there has been an explosion of research and knowledge in this area.

    Produced in association with the American Society of Transplantation, and written by experts within the field, Transplant Immunology provides a comprehensive overview of the topic in relation to clinical transplantation.

    Starting with the basic functionality of the immune system, it then moves on to cover the very latest developments in immunosuppressive drugs and protocols, as well as a look at all emerging technologies in the field.

    Key chapters include:

    • Transplant-related complications
    • Immune responses to transplants
    • Emerging issues in transplantation
    • Biomarkers of Allograft rejection and tolerance
    • T cells and the principles of immune responses

    In full colour throughout, over 100 outstanding diagrams support the text, all figures being fully downloadable via the book’s companion website. The result is an essential tool for all those responsible for managing patients awaiting and undergoing organ transplantation, including transplant surgeons and clinicians, immunologists and researchers.

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    May 302016

    The Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease

    By (author): Pascal Dollé, Karen Niederreither

    The Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease provides an overview and synthesis of the retinoid molecules, from basic biology to mechanisms of diseases and therapy. Divided into five sections, the book covers retinoic acid signaling from biochemical, genetic, developmental, and clinical perspectives. 

    The text is divided into five sections, the first of which examines vitamin A metabolic and enzymatic pathways. Focus then shifts to the role of retinoic acid signaling in development, and then to retinoids and physiological function. The book concludes with chapters on retinoids, disease and therapy.

    Comprehensive in scope and written by leading researchers in the field, The Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease will be an essential reference for biologists, biochemists, geneticists and developmental biologists, as well as for clinicians and pharmacists engaged in clinical research involving retinoids.

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    May 302016

    Dietary Fiber and Health

    Features: Used Book in Good Condition

    Adequate fiber in the diet is essential for maintaining gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health and for weight management and glycemic control. But a majority of people in developed countries fall short of their recommended daily intake. Designed for product developers, nutritionists, dietitians, and regulatory agencies, Dietary Fiber and Health discusses critical findings from the Ninth Vahouny Fiber Symposium about the significance of dietary fiber and ways to get more fiber in our diet.

    Steeped in research and the latest data from international experts, the book explores a range of topics related to this essential nutrient, including:

    • The relationship between fiber and weight management, gastrointestinal health, heart disease, cancer, and glucose metabolism
    • Prebiotic effects of fiber and the characteristics and modulation of healthy flora
    • The health benefits of novel fibers such as inulin
    • The characteristics of maltodextrin, Fibersol-2, and low viscous fiber on satiety, glycemia, microbiota, and other properties
    • The impact of the new definition of dietary fiber published by the Codex Alimentarius Commission
    • The properties and immunological impact of Galactooligosaccharide and research on its effect on colitis
    • Resistant starch and associated compounds
    • Oat, rye, barley, and other fibers
    • Regulatory issues, including GRAS notice procedure

    It is imperative that food product developers formulate foods with fiber and that health professionals recommend foods high in fiber to improve public health. The contributors to this volume provide a survey of not only the impact of fiber on human health, but also the myriad opportunities for fiber ingredients to be incorporated into foods for the benefit of consumers.

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