Sep 162017

Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice (Jossey-Bass Public Health)

By (author): Carl I. Fertman, Diane D. Allensworth, Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

Comprehensive coverage, real-world issues, and a focus on the practical aspects of health promotion

Health Promotion Programs combines theory and practice to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs. Presenting an overview of best practices from schools, health care organizations, workplaces, and communities, this book offers clear, practical guidance with an emphasis on hands-on learning. This new second edition has been updated to include discussion on today’s important issues, including health equity, the Affordable Care Act, big data, E-health, funding, legislation, financing, and more. New coverage includes programs for underserved priority populations at a geographically-diverse variety of sites, and new practice and discussion questions promote engagement on highly-relevant topics.

Public health is a critical aspect of any society, and health promotion programs play an important role. This book provides clear instruction, practical guidance, and multiple avenues to deeper investigation.

  • Plan health promotion programs from the basis of health theory
  • Gain in-depth insight on new issues and challenges in the field
  • Apply what you’re learning with hands-on activities
  • Access digital learning aids and helpful templates, models, and suggestions

Designed to promote engagement and emphasize action, this book stresses the importance of doing as a vital part of learning—yet each step of the process is directly traceable to health theory, which provides a firm foundation to support a robust health promotion program. Health Promotion Programs is the essential introductory text for practical, real-world understanding.

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Sep 162017

Evidence Based Practice in Sport and Exercise: A Practitioner’s Guide to Using Research

By (author): Brent L. Arnold PhD ATC FNATA, Brian Schilling PhD CSCS

What is the evidence?

Why do you need it?

How do you evaluate it?

How do you use it to make decisions?


Put the evidence to work for your patients.

Master the knowledge and clinical decision-making skills you need to provide the very best care for your clients…based on the evidence.

Step by step, you’ll learn how to find and evaluate the existing research and determine whether there is sufficient clinical evidence to support a specific treatment and whether it should be recommended or used to address a client’s need. A wealth of examples drawn from the literature illustrates its role in everyday practice.

An access code inside new printed texts unlocks your student-focused questions that guide and reinforce learning.

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Sep 162017

Brief Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Cancer Patients: Re-Visioning the CBT Paradigm

By (author): Scott Temple

Brief Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Cancer Patients is a practical, clinical guide that allows for the integration of techniques from multiple newer CBT models, organized around a clear conceptual foundation and case conceptualization. The book targets those cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes that research suggests are instrumental in the maintenance of human psychological suffering. Author Scott Temple also draws on newer models that build on strengths and resilience and brings clinical work to life through vivid case examples, worksheets, and case conceptualization forms. Detailed vignettes show clinicians how to create a case conceptualization as a guide to treatment, as well as how to integrate Beckian and newer CBT techniques.

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Sep 162017

Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Survival, Rescue, and Treatment

By (author): Gordon Giesbrecht Ph.D., James A. Wilkerson M.D.

* A vital resource for search and rescue professionals and physicians as well as outdoor enthusiasts

* Includes new chapters to cover cold injuries and strategies for survival that weren’t in the previous edition

Hikers, skiers, climbers, hunters, fishermen, bicyclists, and lost children — all are potentially at risk of hypothermia or other cold injuries including frostbite and trenchfoot. Cold water immersion is also a major cause of death in boating accidents. Yet as shown in anecdotes from the updated second edition of Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Other Cold Injuries, many people have died unnecessarily, succumbing to cold effects long before hypothermia sets in.

This compact, comprehensive book covers the causes and effects of hypothermia and other cold injuries, and tells how to prevent, recognize, and treat them. Included is coverage of how the body loses heat and the latest rewarming techniques such as thermal wraps. This edition has added chapters on cold water drowning and covers additional cold injuries from Raynaud’s phenomenon to cold-induced asthma. You’ll also find strategies for cold-weather survival, plus safe practices for working on the ice and ice water escape and rescue techniques.
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Sep 162017

Introduction to General Medical Conditions

By (author): Genevieve Ludwig

Introduction to General Medical Conditions covers common illnesses and conditions that afflict the active population. The text is designed to be a reference tool for students and professionals that work with athletes or a physically active population. The reader will be introduced to concepts regarding clinical pathology, pharmacology, and diagnostic testing for non orthopedic conditions. The main focus will be primarily on common conditions encountered in general medicine and the associated diagnosis and treatment information for each. Individual chapters will cover specific body systems and include: a brief review of the body systems, how the pathology is acquired, the common signs and symptoms for easy recognition, and the most commonly prescribed treatment plan. Lastly, preventative measures will be discussed to help patients lead healthy lifestyles, with the hope to avoid contracting these illnesses. Coaches, students in allied health professions, physical education teachers, and even parents and older athletes, will benefit from reading this text. The first unit of the text will cover Introduction to Medical Conditions, Introduction to Clinical Pathology, Common Medical Procedures, Pharmacology Basics, and Growth and Maturation. The second unit of the text will cover conditions for specific body systems including the Immune System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, Reproductive System, Neurological System, Endocrine System, Integumentary System, and conditions that affect the ears and eyes.
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Sep 162017

Fertility Preservation: Emerging Technologies and Clinical Applications

Features: Fertility Preservation Emerging Technologies and Clinical Applications

A growing majority of women in the western hemisphere have been delaying initiation of childbearing to later in life. Consequently, more women in their late 30s to early 40s are attempting to get pregnant for the first time than ever before. Since the incidence of most cancers increases with age, delayed childbearing results in more female cancer survivors interested in fertility preservation.

In this book, the editors provide strategies for fertility preservation in women and men who require gonadotoxic treatment. In addition, epidemiologic, ethical, medico-legal, psychologic, and social aspects of fertility preservation are discussed. Using a format that combines concise scientific background with practical methodological information and easy-to-grasp algorithms, the chapters all conform to a uniform structure, including a brief abstract, keyword glossary, step by step protocol of laboratory procedures, key issues in commentary and a list of references. The result is a unique, practical reference guide for reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, embryologists, reproductive scientists, and oncologists.

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Sep 162017

Neonatology: A Practical Approach to Neonatal Diseases

This new textbook wants to offer to neonatologists and pediatricians a modern and complete view of the various problems and aspects of neonatology, currently one of the most complex and advanced fields of pediatrics.

The first chapters will be dedicated to the epidemiology of neonatal mortality and morbidity and to the conditions responsible for neonatal risk. A section will be devoted to organizational problems of hospitals and home services for efficient modern neonatal and infant care.

Particular attention will be paid to neonatal care, medico-legal questions, examination of newborns and current availability of laboratory facilities and instrumentation for identification of perinatal abnormalities. Neonatal nutritional problems will also be examined, outlining current knowledge of the needs of sick and healthy babies. Conditions jeopardizing fetal health such as diabetes, maternal drug abuse and smoking will be discussed. New advances in neonatal pharmacology will be extensively examined.

Various diseases of the neonate involving lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, blood, immune system, endocrine system and kidneys will be also  expounded in special chapters. Fetal and neonatal infections will be extensively discussed. Fetal and neonatal neurological abnormalities will be discussed by highly specialized authors. There will be chapters on neonatal ophthalmology, dermatology and orthopedics.

Each chapter has beeb written by  a well recognized international expert in his or her field. As the opinion leader in their field, the Author is responsible for giving the most up-to-date information in terms of what is known, what is still being researched, and what has become evidence based medicine. Underlying causes and mechanisms of neonatal diseases will be presented in an immediate form. The use of summaries, tables, and accurately selected guidelines or recommendations that will accompany the text will supply quick references and instant solutions to the concerned neonatologists during their daily practice.

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Sep 162017

Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium CMBBE, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016 (Lecture Notes in Bioengineering)

This edited volume collects the research results presented at the 14th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016. The topical focus includes, but is not limited to, cardiovascular fluid dynamics, computer modeling of tissue engineering, skin and spine biomechanics, as well as biomedical image analysis and processing. The target audience primarily comprises research experts in the field of bioengineering, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students alike.

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Sep 162017

Foundations of Ophthalmology: Great Insights that Established the Discipline

There have been books over the years discussing the history of ophthalmology, but none that focus directly on just the most critical thinkers whose insights provided the foundation for the discipline. These men and women advanced knowledge about vision, diagnosis, disease mechanisms, and therapy through innovative thinking and perseverance against old ideas. Their stories are intriguing at a personal level and for showing the complexity of advancing medical science and, therefore, should be required reading for anyone practicing ophthalmology.  

Foundations of Ophthalmology includes giants such as Young (the nature of color and light), Braille (a practical reading system for the blind), Helmholtz (development of the ophthalmoscope), von Graefe (defining glaucoma), Curie (discovery of radiation and the basis of radiation therapy), Gonin (demonstration how to cure retinal detachment), Ridley (serendipity that led to intraocular lenses), and Kelman (development of phacoemulsification that revolutionized cataract surgery). 

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Sep 152017

The Management of the Haemophilic Arthropathy (Frontiers in Arthritis)

By (author): Christian Carulli

Frontiers in Arthritis is an ebook series devoted to publishing the latest advances in arthritis medicine and research. Each volume brings forth contributions on topics relevant to the diagnosis, management and treatment of arthritis. The ebook series is essential reading for rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons involved in clinical research and practice. This volume presents comprehensive information about the pathology, diagnosis and treatment of haemophilic arthropathy. Readers will find information about knee, hip, elbow, foot and ankle surgery in patients affected by haemophilia as well as special topics (microsurgery and postoperative rehabilitation and health risks). The broad range of information presented in this volume makes it the definitive handbook on arthritis in haemophiliac cases and the management of related complications.
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