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Obstetrics by Ten Teachers 18th Edition

First published in 1917 under the title Midwifery, Obstetrics by Ten Teachers has become a world-renowned textbook in its field. The eighteenth edition of this classic book is thoroughly updated in line with the new curriculum, integrating clinical material and incorporating the latest advances in Obstetrics.

The book also retains its comprehensive coverage of the subject area, and the much-loved textual features of previous editions. Each chapter is highly structured, with an overview, definition, prevalence, aetiology, clinical features, differential diagnosis, investigations, treatment, key points, new developments, and references where appropriate.

With a new Editor and a new team of contributing authors, the eighteenth edition combines authoritative detail with a clear guide to essential knowledge. Both Obstetrics and Gynaecology volumes are carefully edited to ensure consistency of structure, style and level of detail, and to avoid overlap of material.

This book owes a great debt to Professor Stuart Campbell and Dr Christoph Lees, editors of the seventeenth edition of this book. They presided over and were intimately involved in the comprehensive revision of what had become a rather old-fashioned book, bringing it fully up-to-date in the year 2000,and were responsible for introducing many of the concepts and features on which this edition has built.

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