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Diabetes presents differently in older people and normal ageing processes, predisposition to specific complications, and other co-morbid conditions complicate its management. The underlying philosophy of this book is that there are opportunities for prevention, health maintenance and rehabilitation for older people with diabetes, which can realistically improve their quality of life. This book is an easy to follow essential guide to providing skilled and effective care for older people with diabetes in community, acute and residential care settings. It aims to provide nurses and other health professionals with the knowledge needed to accurately diagnose, treat and care for older people with diabetes. It draws upon guidance from the National Service Frameworks for Diabetes and Care of Older People (UK) and the Department of Human Service Standards (Australia) and provides an ideal companion to Care of People with Diabetes.Content: Chapter 1 Introduction to Diabetes in Older People (pages 1–21): Trisha DunningChapter 2 Managing Diabetes in Older People (pages 22–90): Trisha DunningChapter 3 Developing Care Systems for Older People (pages 93–112): Angus ForbesChapter 4 Short?Term Complications of Diabetes (pages 113–134): Michelle RobinsChapter 5 Long?Term Complications of Diabetes (pages 135–188): Trisha DunningChapter 6 Educating and Communicating with Older People (pages 189–198): Trisha DunningChapter 7 Rehabilitation, Respite and Palliative Care (pages 199–210): Trisha DunningChapter 8 Mental Health, Depression, Dementia and Diabetes (pages 211–229): Trisha Dunning and Michelle RobinsChapter 9 Effective Medication Management in Older People (pages 230–249): Susan HuntChapter 10 Sexuality and Older People with Diabetes (pages 250–263): Trisha DunningChapter 11 Using Complementary Therapies Wisely in Older People (pages 264–282): Trisha DunningChapter 12 Resources (pages 283–286): Trisha Dunning and Michelle Robins





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