Mar 102018

Impairments in the interaction between the central nervous system and the endocrine system can lead to a number of disorders in children. These include type 1 diabetes, growth disorders, adrenal thyroid and pituitary problems, Addison’s disease and Cushing syndrome, among others.

Neuroendocrine Disorders in Children provides a comprehensive examination of paediatric and adolescent disorders focusing on the basic science and its clinical relevance. Complex issues are discussed in an easy-to-follow manner and the latest developments in the area are reviewed.

This volume will become invaluable reading for paediatric endocrinologists, paediatric and adult neurologists and trainee paediatricians.

Sections in the book cover

The GH-IGF1 axis and the brain
The thyroid axis and the brain
Regulation of appetite and weight
Effects of treatment of cancer on the neuroendocrine system
Adrenal disorders and the brain
Neuroendocrinology and the reproductive axis
Neurological complications of diabetes mellitus


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