Lu’s Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment, 5th Edition

Decades of research and teaching experience are compiled in the authoritative and highly awaited new edition of this classic text. For the utmost in reader convenience and comprehension, Lu’s Basic Toxicology uses easy-to-understand terminology, and separate subject and chemical indexes. Providing clarity and insight into this rapidly evolving subject, this guide provides new information on: over-the-counter preparations lactation occupational toxicology Written by two key opinion leaders in toxicology, this text also covers the essentials of: why chemicals target specific organs and systems, and commonly used procedures for assessing risk associated with these chemicals chemicals that cause: cancer, mutations, congenital malformations, and organ or system specific effects host and environmental factors that modify the effects of specific chemicals, including: food additives; pesticides; metals; pollutants in air, water, and soil; and toxicants encountered in workplaces
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