Lecture Notes Nephrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Renal Medicine

Lecture Notes: Nephrology is a concise introduction to the fundamental principles of nephrology. An ideal study guide for medical trainees, this accessible resource combines the depth of a textbook with the accessibility of a handbook. Succinct chapters describe the clinical implications of renal physiology, examine major renal disorders and diseases, and explain a wide range of management and treatment options. A new addition to the popular Lecture Notes series, this handbook provides trainees in nephrology with core subject knowledge and enables medical students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this complex specialty. Offers clear, easy-to-understand coverage of all relevant nephrology topics Includes MCQs and discussion around the answers, ideal for those preparing for written Internal Medicine examinations, including the certification examination of the American Board of Internal Medicine, the UK-based MRCP and the Australia and New Zealand-based FRACP examinations Features chapter summaries and numerous infographics, tables and figures Emphasises core management skills needed by medical students and junior doctors Is presented in the consistent and well-recognised Lecture Notes format

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