Jul 062021

Still normal, or already pathologic? Every radiologist, surgeon, and orthopedic surgeon are confronted with this question on a daily basis, indeed it accompanies them for their professional life. For more than 90 years, “Koehler/Zimmer” has been the reference for differentiating borderline findings.Generations of physicians have considered this work indispensable in learning skeletal radiology, and have profited immensely from the unique selection of images.


This standard work in diagnostic radiology is now in it’s 5th edition, and has been completely restructured and expanded to include:

– 4200+ images

– findings between normal and pathologic; in both pediatric and adult patients

– integration of appropriate CT and MR Imaging findings

– completely new didactic concept: structuring of all possible changes in five pathologic categories: dysplasia, trauma, necroses, inflammation, and tumor.


This work will greatly help the radiologist to increase his or her certainty and confidence in describing findings in skeletal radiology, and in arriving at appropriate diagnosis.





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