Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography(Fifth Edition) 5th Edition

Here’s the 5th Edition of the classic textbook on vascular ultrasound―thoroughly updated to include a new, full-color format, a new co-editor, a new team of contributors, and cutting-edge diagnostic procedures. Five well-organized sections span nearly the entire spectrum of arterial and venous ultrasound, progressing from basic concepts and instrumentation, through cerebral vessels, extremity arteries, and extremity veins, to abdominal vessels, and the pelvis. This 5th Edition also features brand-new coverage of cerebrovascular arteries, peripheral arteries, intravascular techniques, and much more.

  • Organizes each section by clinical rationale, anatomy, examination technique, findings, and interpretation for easy reference.
  • Details all aspects of ultrasound vascular diagnosis, including peripheral veins and arteries, carotid and vertebral arteries, abdominal vessels, and transcranial Doppler.
  • Offers chapters on physiological diagnostic techniques, such as plethysmography, segmental pressure examination, ankle brachial index, and more.
  • Includes numerous tables that conveniently display examination protocols, normal values, diagnostic parameters, and ultrasound findings for selected conditions.
  • Illustrates important techniques with hundreds of lavish line drawings and clinical ultrasound examples.

  • Covers all currently used methods of noninvasive vascular diagnosis in a concise, easy-to-read manner.
  • Offers substantially revised chapters on the management of cerebrovascular and extremity venous disease, assessment of carotid stenosis, vertebral and intracranial arteries, and upper occlusive disease.
  • Incorporates many more color Doppler pictures and anatomic diagrams.
  • Provides brand-new chapters and discussions on ultrasound assessment.
  • Features new contributing authors who are widely recognized experts in their fields.

With 28 additional contributors.


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