Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation: Serving Children and Adults with Hearing Loss, Third Edition

by Raymond H. Hull (Author, Contributor)

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation, Third Edition provides comprehensive preparation for future audiology and speech-language pathology professionals to serve children and adults with hearing loss. The information is presented in a logical and readable sequence by first introducing the nature of aural rehabilitation, and then discussing considerations for children, adults, and older adults with impaired hearing.
This thoroughly updated third edition includes the latest research and findings for each chapter topic: from hearing aid technology, non-hearing aid assistive technology, cochlear implant surgery and benefits, to techniques in speech and language development on behalf of children with impaired hearing and techniques for adult aural rehabilitation. Each chapter is authored by internationally recognized authorities on the topics of working with those with impaired hearing, hearing aids for children and adults, the influence of hearing impairment on communication, family counseling, educational management, cochlear implantation, and many others.

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation highlights the most important clinical and practical aspects of providing aural rehabilitation services, while avoiding the technical detail of theoretical texts.

Key Features:

Contributions from more than 15 experts in the field of aural rehabilitation
Chapter outlines begin each chapter and highlight key topics
15+ appendices with materials and scales for communication assessments
New to the Third Edition:

All chapters have been significantly revised, including updated and expanded references
The latest information on cochlear implantation for children, surgical procedures and benefits, hearing aids, and non-hearing aid assistive listening devices
Updated end-of-chapter study questions for use as test materials or as quizzes to test student retention of information
Access to a PluralPlus companion website with PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter provided to assist instructors in their teaching of the material


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