Jun 302017

Updated to reflect the most current guidelines and standards of care
Tapping the expertise of our medical review team, we’ve thoroughly revised or completely rewritten every section of the 16th Edition Core to reflect the latest standards of care, including guideline updates and consensus opinions. Our in-depth coverage of internal medicine specialties and subspecialties includes every topic specified in the ABIM Internal Medicine Examination Blueprints, thoroughly preparing you for in-training, certification, and maintenance of certification exams.

Essentials for board exam success
The most success-proven and accessible internal medicine review available, the Core Curriculum helps you study more internal medicine in less time and recall it more confidently on exam day. Created with MedStudy’s unique conversational writing style, the Core Curriculum is the indispensible starting point to passing the internal medicine boards.

Specialties/Subspecialties covered:
Pulmonary Medicine
Infectious Disease
Allergy and Immunology
General Internal Medicine
(Board-relevant Radiology, Pharmacology, Statistics, Geriatrics, Ethics, Pre-Operative Evaluation, Preventive Medicine, Poisoning, Ophthalmology, ENT, Psychiatry, Women’s Medicine, Genetics)



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  5 Responses to “Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum – 16th Edition – 5 Volume Set (Medstudy Corporation; 2014 Release)”

  1. hi…excellent effort BUT please scan it well so that its COMPLETELY colorful like original i.e. all its highlighting in yellow etc and RE-UPLOAD again.anyhow nice efforts.excellent.
    thanks a-lot.

  2. Its tha LATEST edition of medstudy core curriculum which is a very expensive and wonderful medicine book.Its not SCANNED well like it must be. So please scan and upload again.please.please.please.so that the original YELLOW highlighting is visible again in the text.thanks alot for all the efforts.

  3. awesome effort Please stop complaining and appreciate the well deserved effort

  4. hello there… AGAIN its a REQUEST: Please Re-SCAN all 5 books ONCE AGAIN and RE-UPLOAD AGAIN in FULL COLOR…so that the YELLOW highlighting, etc everything is like ORIGINAL…PLEASE its a REQUEST…JUST SCAN IT COMPLETELY IN “FULL” COLOR.hope you get it…
    thanks,kind regards.

  5. hi…also please make available the Video board review by medstudy for internal medicine…they r video lectures more than 60 hours covered all the topics in the medstudy book.
    so the medstudy core AND medstudy video lectures complement each other…

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