Oct 052021

This IAP textbook focuses on pediatrics ICU protocols. Pediatric critical care is the most dynamic subspecialty of Pediatrics, not only in terms of disease process and management but also in terms of updating of knowledge. The aim of the book is to make the management of the sick child with uniformity, across the hospitals in India. This book comprised of 22 sections, which include basic and advanced life support, shock, basic mechanical ventilation, advanced ventilation, central nervous system, infections and antimicrobials in pediatric intensive care unit, hospital-acquired infections in PICU, metabolic and endocrine system, arterial blood gas, fluids, electrolytes, hematology, poisoning, gastrointestinal tract, renal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, environmental injury, quality care in PICU, medicolegal issues, drugs in PICU, which are further divided into 111 chapters. This protocol book will update your knowledge with respect to published national and international guidelines published for different category of diseases in the PICU. New sections on quality care in PICU and medicolegal issues in PICU are specially incorporated to address the special needs of the present era. This book will help the postgraduates, fellows, consultants and pediatric intensivists for better management of critically ill children and improving their outcome.





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