Nov 152017

Human Amniotic Membrane: Basic Science and Clinical Application

This book is a comprehensive guide for all tissue bank operators to screen, procure and process amniotic membrane for clinical application.

The amnion comes close to being the ideal biological membrane or dressing — readily available, inexpensive to procure and process. Its basic science is discussed in detail — anatomy, biological and biomechanical properties.

It can be procured from the placenta in normal vaginal deliveries and from Caesarean Sections. Processing is by freeze-drying or by air-drying process with sterilisation using gamma irradiation.

The product has low antigenicity, has anti-microbial properties with ability to enhance epithelisation with marked relief of pain. It is useful as a dressing for wounds — flap wounds, burn wounds, injury wounds, diabetic ulcers, leprous ulcers and post-surgery wounds and post-radiation wounds. It is also used as a biological scaffold for cells in tissue engineering. Its ophthalmic applications include treatment of corneal ulcers and conjunctival tumours. Oral uses include gingiva depigmentation and periodontal regeneration.

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