Oct 072018

Here is the heretofore-untold story about how “Houston” became known as the “heart capital of the world.” As told by many of those who participated in the transformation, this history is an insider’s view of the past seven decades of cardiovascular surgery and medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine.
With the 1944 arrival of cardiologist Dr. Don W. Chapman and 1948 arrival of cardiac surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, a highly respected and innovative cardiovascular care program with worldwide repercussions began at Houston Methodist. When cardiologist Dr. William L. Winters Jr. moved to Houston in 1968 to join Dr. Chapman in private practice, he became not only an eye witness to this ongoing phenomenon but also an integral component of its meteoric trajectory during the following four decades, the highlights of which he has recorded in Houston Hearts.





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