Mar 072018

This book presents original results on the leading edge of cancer research. Chapter One reviews the most recent advances in the management, analyses the best possible treatment in each scenario, and discusses the future research direction on brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer. Chapter Two discusses the positive effects of microscopic complete resection on controlling the local recurrence of a single brain metastasis. Chapter Three encapsulates the trends of the computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) development for the estimation of tumor malignancy. Chapter Four examines dendritic cells cross talk with cytomegalovirus pp65-specific cytotoxic T cells, Vγ 9γ δ T cells, and invariant NKT cells in patients with glioblastoma multiforme. Chapter Five addresses CD8+ T cell activation and regulation in the skin, paying special attention to what it is known about CD8+ T cell activity and its link with SCC development. Chapter Six discusses knowledge of the molecular basis of anti-cancer drug resistance and the mechanisms through which triterpenoids modulate ABC transporter-mediated multi drug resistance. Chapter Seven reviews cancer and heparan sulfate alterations. Chapter Eight focuses on Ganoderma lucidum targeting apoptosis. Chapter Nine examines the integrated model of cAMP-dependent DNA expression which reveals an inverse relationship between cancer and neurodegeneration. Chapter Ten studies the prognosis of male breast cancer.


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