Jul 162021

The rapid expansion of clinical knowledge in the field of neurology warrants a new edition of this highly regarded textbook of neurology. In addition to the anchor chapters on major areas such as headache, stroke, developmental disorders, dementia, epilepsy, acquired metabolic disorders, and others, several new chapters have been added to meet the clinical demand for those in practice. This edition features new chapters on neurotoxicology, neuroimaging, and neurogenetics including basic and more advanced concepts for the practitioner. Finally, as the health care system continues to evolve, a new chapter on population health and systems of care reflects current practice in team care, patient-centric approaches, and value-based care.

*Pithy bullet points and standard prose allow the reader to assimilate concepts and key messages with ease

*Summary tables, neuroimages, photomicrographs, neuroanatomic drawings, gross and microscopic neuropathologic specimen photos, graphics, and summary boxes further enhance the text

*Chapters are crafted in a way to appeal to both the visuospatial and analytic functional centers of the brain, as we stimulate the senses and learn

Hankey’s Clinical Neurology, Third Edition, will be of value to medical students, physicians in training, neurology fellows, neurologist and neurosurgeon practitioners, and advanced practice professionals (e.g., nurse practitioners and physician assistants) who are faced with neurologic practice challenges.


“Overall, the book is well written and that is a tribute to its many contributors-also listed at the front. The text is clear and concise and is aimed at a wide audience from medical students to primary care practitioners, specialist neurology nurses and established specialists wanting a refresh. The text is clearly laid out and coverage is broken up into tradition medical headings. One advantage of the eBook is that headings and titles are hypertext and so simple click with a mouse on a PC or touch on a smart device takes you to that section.” -Dr Harry Brown, Glycosmedia





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