Feb 102019

This new edition of Handbook of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology: Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland features practical guidance on how to handle common inpatient and outpatient challenges seen in pediatric hematology and oncology. Designed as a rapid reference to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, the text is short and didactic and supplemented with practical algorithms and case studies throughout. Completely revised and updated, there are brand-new chapters on subjects including bone marrow transplantation, pain management and palliative care. Comprehensive, yet concise, the handbook presents essential guidelines on the diagnosis and management of the most common pediatric blood disorders and malignancies, in addition to chemotherapeutic drug information and transfusion protocols. Designed for medical students, residents, and fellows, this user-friendly portable reference is also the perfect companion on the ward for pediatric hematology and oncology nurses.Content: Chapter 1 Approach to the Anemic Child (pages 1–9): Chapter 2 Hemolytic Anemia (pages 10–17): Chapter 3 Sickle Cell Disease (pages 18–35): Chapter 4 Thalassemia (pages 36–43): Chapter 5 Transfusion Medicine (pages 44–56): Chapter 6 Chelation Therapy (pages 57–61): Chapter 7 Approach to the Bleeding Child (pages 62–70): Chapter 8 Von Willebrand Disease (pages 71–78): Chapter 9 Hemophilia (pages 79–84): Chapter 10 The Child with Thrombosis (pages 85–91): Chapter 11 The Neutropenic Child (pages 92–102): Chapter 12 Thrombocytopenia (pages 103–121): Chapter 13 Evaluation of the Child with a Suspected Malignancy (pages 122–132): Chapter 14 Oncologic Emergencies (pages 133–143): Chapter 15 Acute Leukemias (pages 144–156): Chapter 16 Central Nervous System Tumors (pages 157–165): Chapter 17 Hodgkin and Non?Hodgkin Lymphoma (pages 166–173): Chapter 18 Wilms Tumor (pages 174–177): Chapter 19 Neuroblastoma (pages 178–182): Chapter 20 Sarcomas of the Soft Tissues and Bone (pages 183–192): Chapter 21 Germ Cell Tumors (pages 193–199): Chapter 22 Rare Tumors of Childhood (pages 200–206): Chapter 23 Histiocytic Disorders (pages 207–211): Chapter 24 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (pages 212–225): Chapter 25 Supportive Care of the Child with Cancer (pages 226–234): Chapter 26 Central Venous Catheters (pages 235–243): Chapter 27 Management of Fever in the Child with Cancer (pages 244–255): Chapter 28 Acute Pain Management in the Inpatient Setting (pages 256–263): Chapter 29 Palliative Care (pages 264–280): Chapter 30 Chemotherapy Basics (pages 281–290): Chapter 31 Guide to Procedures (pages 291–299): Chapter 32 Treatment of Chemotherapy Extravasations (pages 300–303):
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