Feb 082021

Ever since the publication of the first edition of this textbook in 1940, the legacy of Grossman’s Endodontic Practice has served as a foundational text on the art and science of endodontics. Successive generations of students and clinicians have not only learnt the basics of endodontics from this book but also have followed it extensively as an authoritative clinical resource.

The fourteenth edition of this classic is a comprehensive update that incorporates the changes that have occurred in endodontic theory and practice in terms of materials, concepts and protocols. With its evidence-based approach and clinical coverage, this classic is an indispensable textbook for both students and clinicians.

• Two new chapters
o Magnification in Endodontics
o Non-Surgical Endodontic Retreatment
• Clinical Notes highlighting pertinent important clinical aspects of the topic being discussed
• 100+ case reports illustrating the conceptual and clinical discussions in detail
• Over 1,200 illustrations comprising relevant line diagrams, clinical photographs, radiographs and histological slides
• A visual masterclass online link, presenting videos of important clinical procedures



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