Mar 252021

Covering molecular genetics from the basics through to genome expression and molecular phylogenetics, Genomes 3 is the latest edition of this pioneering textbook. Newly updated to incorporate the recent major advances, Genomes 3 is an invaluable companion for any undergraduate throughout their studies in molecular genetics. Following extensive reviewing, the new edition has been significantly restructured. The single chapter on genome anatomies has been expanded into three chapters to incorporate the latest sequencing achievements. An additional chapter on understanding genome expression has also been included, while the chapters on studying genomes have been brought to the front of the book to align it more closely to the practical reality of molecular genetics tuition. The end-of-chapter exercises have been overhauled and extended to give students and lecturers a much wider range of tests and challenges. Multiple choice questions have been included for the first time and an innovative figure test has been introduced to test readers’ visual understanding.


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