Nov 102020

Genetic Counseling and Preventive Medicine in Post-War Bosnia offers a unique new perspective to longstanding debates on healthcare reforms in Bosnia. In this penetrating analysis, Philip C. Aka argues that twenty-five years after the ethnic war that shook Bosnia and Herzegovina to its foundations, healthcare reforms are a function of preventive medicine, defined as genetic counselling, backed by tobacco and alcohol control. At its core, the book offers a fresh examination of healthcare reforms in Bosnia set in the multidisciplinary field of bioethics, supplemented by comparative health studies, and comparative human rights.
By offering an extensive list of electronically accessible literature on healthcare accessible in the public domain, Aka delivers an exemplar of research possibilities in the Information Age.

Philip C. Aka is professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Law at the International University of Sarajevo. In spring 2020, Aka was a visiting professor at the Southern Illinois University School of Law, USA. He is the author of the award-winning book Human Rights in Nigeria’s External Relations: Building the Record of a Moral Superpower (Lexington Books, 2017).


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