Sep 122016

Functional Nucleic Acids Detection in Food Safety: Theories and Applications

By (author): Wentao Xu

This book focuses on the development and applications of functional nucleic acid-based detection methods in the context of food safety. Offering a comprehensive overview of nucleic acids detection method in food safety for professionals and members of the public interested in this area, the book is divided into two parts. Part I addresses the basic principle of nucleic acid detection, while Part II presents novel applications of detection methods in genetically modified organisms, the identification of dead-alive microorganisms, microbial diversity, heavy metal detection, gene toxicity and non-coding RNA identification. As such, it provides readers a wealth of knowledge on the use of nucleic acids as targets and media in food safety. It offers a valuable resource for clinicians and basic scientists in the areas of food science and microbiology, and for all those who are interested in the concrete applications of molecular biological techniques. 


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