Feb 102019

Cancer is a leading cause of death among adults but research shows that the chances of developing cancer can be reduced by lifestyle changes. Increasing numbers of people use dietary vegetables, medicinal herbs, and plant extracts to prevent or treat cancer. Their availability as “over the counter” supplements has contributed to an explosion in the use of herbal extracts and related compounds for health enhancement. This vital resource brings together the worlds leading experts’ research, their conclusions and recommendations on functional foods and nutraceuticals in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Research professionals, academics, hospital-based dietitians, nutritionists, oncology physicians, cancer researchers, marketers and food and drug officials are just a few of the key people who need this book.Content: Chapter 1 Antioxidants as Cancer Therapies (pages 1–26): T. Bermejo Vicedo and F. J. Hidalgo CorreasChapter 2 Cancer and Nutrition (pages 27–36): Danine FisherChapter 3 Vitamin E in Cancer Prevention and Treatment (pages 37–54): Ester Du, Jin Zhang, Bailin Liang and Ronald R. WatsonChapter 4 Chemical Versus Food Forms of Selenium in Cancer Prevention (pages 55–86): Cindy D. Davis and John W. FinleyChapter 5 Nutrients to Stimulate Cellular Immunity: Role in Cancer Prevention and Therapy (pages 87–104): Satoru Moriguchi, Satoe Yamashita and Eiji ShimizuChapter 6 Nutrition and Skin Cancer Risk Prevention (pages 105–120): Steven Pratt, Hubert T. Greenway and Craig NaugleChapter 7 Nutritional Strategies for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (pages 121–130): Paula Inserra and Brent P. MahoneyChapter 8 Tomato and Cancer (pages 131–152): Patrizia Riso, Antonella Brusamolino and Marisa PorriniChapter 9 The Role of Dietary Fiber in Colon Cancer Prevention (pages 153–172): Nancy J. EmenakerChapter 10 Soy Food and Breast Cancer (pages 173–178): Debra HickmanChapter 11 Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Dietary Phytochemicals on Cancer Development (pages 179–198): Ali Reza Waladkhani and Michael R. ClemensChapter 12 Phytomedicines and Cancer Prevention (pages 199–212): Piergiorgio PiettaChapter 13 Phytoestrogens and Cancer (pages 213–236): Ruth S. MacDonald, Ju?Yuan Guo, Mary Sharl Sakla, Nader Shenouda and Dennis B. LubahnChapter 14 Herbals and Cancer Prevention (pages 237–262): Michael J. Wargovich, Destiny M. Hollis and Mary E. S. ZanderChapter 15 Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer Prevention (pages 263–288): Cynthia A. Thomson and Tina L. GreenChapter 16 Breast Cancer Prevention (pages 289–296): Brent P. Mahoney and Paula Inserra
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